For The Love of Old Books


DSC04236Recently I found another old and rare book shop, and was rummaging through magnificent little treasures as always. I had a thought, why not purchase these incredible little volumes and offer them for sale?



DSC04236Then I thought, why not continue to explore my love of historical New England and the wonderful authors that once graced these towns. I just opened up my new shop yesterday called...

A Walk to Emerson's House

For The Love of Old Books a journey through my photography of places I love, Antique and Vintage book finds, creations using Antique book plates and some other experiments in my love of old books.



Baghy's Journals on Etsy ,created a treasury today, and included my Orchard House 1838 print. Her journals are magnificent by the way.


DSC04236I will be moving Great Aunt Adelaide's Attic creations to this shop, because I think it fits in nicely. I will be replacing this old category on my Art Etsy shop with scrapbooking kits under the section Supplies. So, I am busy adding new items to share.

Great Aunt Adelaide for etsy

DSC04236Another creation I have been busy designing are bookplates for the Library Of using my collection of Vintage images.



DSC03349I have put an Etsy Mini on my side bar for my new shop. I'll be adding new items today.

My creation

DSC04236The song for this post is Orchard House, from the movie Little Women.

What a nice surprise Going Home To Roost featured my hot air balloon print on her collage of hand picked items for travelers.


Shop Announcement
For the love of old books, I wanted to find a way to share my finds with kindred spirits. To introduce people to these treasures and to share the beautiful art often found in these old and rare books. These illustration plates are just too lovely to keep all to myself, so I have decided to create prints, cards and creations, using these treasures most dating back to the turn of the century and earlier. Inside many of these cards I have added pockets to hold old maps, bits and bookmarks created with old book inspiration. Prints and cards are created on Fine Art Paper, using archival inks. Many of them are iced in gold leaf paint.

Elise said...

I agree - and for me, it's the smell of old books (and new ones) that I absolutely love. Snuggling down when it's cold and wet and having a lovely book gently warming in my hands is just the best thing....

Diva Kreszl said...

Funny...I too love the smell and feel of old books, my 16 year old son however can't understand why I like anything that old and musty! Can't wait to check out all your links!

Charlene said...

Congratulations on all of your exciting news. Opening a shop on Etsy is one of my New Years Resolutions but, right now I can't even keep up with everyday life. Good Luck! Merry Christmas! Charlene

Gabriela said...

Hello Karen,

Love Little Women! Read it so long Spanish!

~ Gabriela ~

Anita said...

I love your blog! I also love old books and prints and anything vintage. I will definitely check out your Etsy shop.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

I adore old books, the smell, and the feel of the paper.
Your cards are really beautiful and much luck with your Etsy shop.

Happy week

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I love old women. I am a book a day girl. I had sad news today I may be losing my sight. I am going back the third time in Jan. for more test then will be seeking a second opinion....m.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Yea! How neat, Karen! I'll be sure to check it out! :-)



Celestina Marie said...

Hi Karen,
What a wonderful direction you are going and I think it will be grand. Congrats on the new shoppe. I love old books and everything about them. I am so glad you are going to offer such a shoppe.
Looking forward to visiting.

Have a great week and Merry Christmas.
Blessings and best wishes for the new shoppe,
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Karen, this is a GREAT NEW IDEA!!!! This is wonderful and I know will be a hit. Ruben and I used to frequent a little book shop in Marblehead that is no longer there, "MUCH ADO". We bought so many wonderful books from them, and since then, I have embellished them with ribbon and stacked them on tables. Great reads, as well. Have a lovely day in New England, my friend!

Bisous, Anita

Kathleen Grace said...

Karen what a fabulous idea! I love the shop already and if I had been on the ball Little Women would be mine! I look forward to seeing what wonderful treasures you offer. Congratulations also on making an etsy treasury!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi Karen!

Congratulations on your new/old endeavor! I'll have to be checking these lovely old books out!

I wanted to tell you how thrilled I am to own a bit of your lovely art. I LOVE it....I'll be framing one of the prints for my den when I get it completed....hopefully right after Christmas! It was such a surprise.....Mrs. Magpie's such a little doll, isn't she??? And, you wrapped it up soooo beautifully.....what a sweet treat! How very lovely of you....

Merry Christmas Hugs,

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Hi Sweet K-- YOu have given me such a great idea! For years I have collected Older classics and now that I am moving -- LOL I keep asking myself how many of Mark Twain (S. Clemons) treasures do I need???

Perhaps once I get settled i will put them up for sale too. In the mean time best of luck on your new additions. I love the smell of old books... and just holding them makes me wonder what curious delightful person held them in their hands.

Merrry merry darlin!
Claudia ♥ ♥

Elyse said...

hi karen,

what an incredibly cool idea! you go, girl!


Nancy Jo said...

I sent you an E'mail but it came back to me.
Anyway I wanted to let you know that I posted a picture of my Grandma's 1889 edition of Eight Cousins. I forgot that I had it until I saw your cute little card that you made.
Got a couple old books at the thrift store yesterday, thought I would use them for crafting, well I haven't got the heart to rip them up.
Nancy Jo