Monday, April 19, 2010

A Recipe for Inspiration

A Recipe for Inspiration

A Recipe For Inspiration

DSC06448Some sea glass green notions and books from The Spotted Cod in Sandwich, Massachusetts on the Cape.

Embellishment Inspiration

DSC06445 I stopped by the most adorable seaside town on the Cape, called Sandwich which is the oldest town on the Cape. Even the name spells enchanting.

Well there is this wonderful shop called The Spotted Cod. Her entire shop is designed in the beautiful colors of sea glass aqua and green.


Amanda's guest book was such a hit, I took a trip to Sandwich to purchase some notions and lovely guest books...


DSC06445 I am going to hand-paint these books in watercolors. I am also designing some new Scrapbooks of Inspiration for my shop, so I needed some notions, ribbons and trims.

Inspiration & Notions

DSC06448Some Vintage ribbons and treasures from Nesting on Main, in Concord, Ma. I understand that they are going to be featured in Boston Home Magazine. Why am I not surprised?

French Accents

DSC06445Do you see these lovely bags? Well I have this photo on flickr, which led me to meeting the lovely Rosa. She creates these amazing bags, which I had purchased in Nesting. Have a peek into her lovely world on etsy. She has been featured in Somerset, and other publications and her shop is filled with beautiful French Inspiration and other products.

DSC06445 I also purchased some trims from the Spotted pretty.

vintage ribbons and trim

DSC06448Finally, I found a new book inspired by The Tinsel Trading Company, written by Kaari Meng from the French General, Kaari also has a lovely blog called The Warp and The Weft, scraps about French General.

Inspiration & Notions

Kaari has just published this new book called Treasured Notions. Oh, I just love her web site, and her trip to the South of France brought tears to my eyes. If you visit, click on the video for her Getaway, sigh.


DSC06445 The book is a peek into Kaari's inspired trip down the basement of Tinsel Trading Company with Marcia Cepos. In fact if you are in NYC on the 15th of May, stop by The Tinsel Trading Company to get a copy and have it signed by Kaari and Marcia.


DSC06445 So there I was in search of ingredients for more Scrapbooks of Inspiration and little did I know that I had danced my way through the pages of Kaari's new book, my favorite shops and gathering notions, trims and ideas...and when I returned home I looked at all of the ingredients and they were all in the same color scheme! I love when that happens. Did you know that there is a Sea Glass Association, and they have a festival each year?

My creation

DSC06446 The song for this post is DREAM.

My creation
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