Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Marie Antionette Inspiration

marie-for-gabriela-threeLast November Gabriela Delworth held a lovely Marie Antionette Fete.

French Inspiration

painting-french-3on her illustrated diary.


marie-for-gabriela-threeYou can imagine my surprise when Gabriela contacted me and asked me to submit some artwork for her interview by Jennifer Jackson, being published in Artful Blogging Magazine.

Artful blogging summer

marie-for-gabriela-threeI sent her photographs of the box I created with Marie Antionette cascading down the staircase of the chateau,


marie-for-gabriela-fourand my Evening in Paris card design.

marie-for-gabriela-threeWhen I opened up the Artful Blogging magazine, you can imagine my surprise, when I saw my work illustrating Gabriela's article along with the other participants in her Fete.

artful blogging marie de fete

marie-for-gabriela-2Thank you so much Gabriela, I love the interview. the artwork and photographs illustrating your article. I loved participating in your party, and now I have a beautiful keepsake from a lovely friend, and in my favorite magazine.

marie-for-gabriela-eightI found my "keepsake" copy of Artful Blogging magazine in late April...The song for this post is April in Paris.
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