Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Scrapbook of Inspiration on a Pink Saturday


DSC06375I love to gather special things as I dream of what I might create. Using fabric that I designed to match my artwork, I created a rosette held together with an Antique cufflink, and softened with organza flower petals.


DSC06375I found ephemera of the dreamy kind in my favorite Antique shops.

DSC06359Notions, ribbons,

DSC06375and lovely words of inspiration,

A Scrapbook of Inspiration

DSC06375I thought I would create A Scrapbook of Inspiration for my little shop.

A Scrapbook of Inspiration

DSC06375I created a twelve page scrapbook out of watercolor paper so that I could paint on the pages, write in gold and add little pockets with surprises.


DSC06375I love little pockets with surprises.

A Scrapbook of Inspiration

DSC06375Finding love letters dating back from 1800's were a find I had to share.


DSC06375Pretty embellished bags were purchased at Nesting on Main, to hold some of their pretty tags too.

My creation

DSC06375Favorite words that have inspired me are written throughout.

My creation

DSC06375I have always loved to create journals and scrapbooks over the years.


DSC06375Sometimes inspiration won't let me sleep until she has had me paint her dreams.


DSC06375My first love has always been painting journals and saving cherished inspirations in a book. The song for this post is First Love.

DSC06375Today is Pink Saturday and Bev from How Sweet The Sound is hosting another Pink celebration, so stop by and read all the pink posts.

Please stop by and visit Erika from Le Monde d'Erika. She lives in Europe and loves to create also, to paint, sketch, craft, wriet and design.
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