Tuesday, July 13, 2010

London Bridges

London at Dusk

100_0174I was watching an old movie the other evening,


100_0174that took place in London.


100_0174Lovely memories came flooding back.


100_0174Inspired, I created a treasury on etsy, my new passion.

london corner colored pencil

100_0174I called it London Bridges, oh please stop by and leave a comment for these lovely finds on etsy.

Big Ben

100_0174What a wonderful city.


100_0174Everywhere you turn


100_0174there is a bit


100_0174of interesting history.

london thames colored

Watching the street performers


100_0174in Covent Garden.

street act coventry garden colored


the london eye closer

100_0174the vistas

colored pencil the london eye boxcar

100_0174from a boxcar

The London Eye

100_0174on the London Eye.

the london eye closer

100_0174I love London, it is such a magical city.


100_0213Speaking of London, have you ever visited Debi from A Tale of Two Cities, she writes an adorable post about Paddington Bear. She just visited a wonderful Antique Market in London yesterday which she wrote about on her blog.


I added a new photo to my etsy shop today. It's a photo collage using my photo of Buckingham Palace as the background.

100_0174The name of the song for this post is Never Say Goodbye.


Please feel free to take any other photos from this post for your personal use. I enhanced them with the love I knew from memories belonging to another chapter of my life. Have a lovely day.

My creation

Claudia from Dippity Road is hosting Finding Beauty Friday.

Beauty can be found when we walk through the memories that defined special chapters of our lives.

Please stop by and visit Claudia's reminders that beauty is around us every day and days gone by.
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