Friday, July 09, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things On A Pink Saturday


During my trips to find Antique ephemera and old and rare books, For The Love of Old Books on etsy, I often find amazing little Antique collectibles.

oday is Pink Saturday and Bev from How Sweet The Sound is hosting another celebration of the color Pink. It is also a lovely adventure to visit Laurie who hosts a Saturday celebration called A Few of My Favorite Things.

bow for Hat box postWhen I pick up some delicate object from somewhere in time, I think of who might have owned this and what lovely story they might have to tell. I decided about six months ago that I would create theme gift boxes of the treasures I find, and put them in my shop for Christmas. I have been dreaming of themes ever since.


bow for Hat box postI found this charming Antique pin cushion in Thoreauly Antiques in Concord. As I looked at this delicate keepsake I imagined some lady sewing in her parlor. Look at how the design on the vintage trim matches the design on the pin cushion.


bow for Hat box postOn another trip I found a lovely Antique sewing scissors. The scissors have lovely etching in the silver.


bow for Hat box postI love buttons and these Antique buttons are wrapped so nicely.


bow for Hat box postI also found a mason jar filled to the brim with wonderful treasures, like these sweet threads.


bow for Hat box postI purchased these lovely trims from the amazing Beth Hylan designs.
Look at how the design on Beth's vintage trim matches the design on the pin cushion.


bow for Hat box postWell, I couldn't very well visit Beth and not stop in Nesting on Maine. Only to find these lovely Vintage bobbins.


bow for Hat box postOne of my trips to the Red Chair Antiques in Peterborough, New Hampshire led me to this sweet French fabric swatches.


bow for Hat box postand some lovely Antique thread.


bow for Hat box postOne day while in Hancock, New Hampshire, I found Sarah's Hat Boxes owned by Peter and Debbie Mills. When I entered the showroom I knew I had found the perfect boxes for my gift box idea. Debbie designs the most beautiful hat boxes in the world. Her husband, Peter concentrates on the construction and beautiful workmanship. I love that they use a 1922 shear to construct the hat boxes.


bow for Hat box postIsn't it perfect that these exquisite hat boxes are made by a machine dating back to 1922? The hat box is made of finest fabric and topped with a gorgeous ribbon and bow, which is attached to the box.


bow for Hat box postI placed an Antique hankie inside this one and filled it with my sewing finds.


bow for Hat box postAnd so there is my first Hat Box of Inspirations.

hat box three dimension

bow for Hat box postI call this one a Hat Box of Vintage Sewing Inspirations. Since it is July and traditions create Christmas in July, I placed this one in my shop early.


bow for Hat box postThis music helps one imagine this sewing box belonging to some woman from Somewhere in Time. Keeping with Pink Saturday Tradition, have you met That Shabby Pink Girl? Please visit her, you will love her Pink post.

I am also linking to the amazing Laurie from Bargain Hunting With Lauri. She hosts A Few of My Favorite Things every Saturday, but her links are already beginning to collect this Friday.
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