Pink Saturday and The Creative Blog Party

Elephants and roses

Elephants and rosesreativity is a very curious thing and the Being Creative Blog Party, hosted on Sunday by Amisha from Gorgeous and Fun Things  tackles an interesting question.

Amisha suggested that we talk about things that keep us from being creative.

beginnings with soft light

Elephants and rosesThis was a bit difficult for me to think about.

beginnings and butterflies two

Elephants and rosesNot so much that I never get stopped from being creative,

roses and butterflies

Elephants and rosesbut more that sometimes things like feeling sad

beginnings and butterflies two

Elephants and roseswhich occasionally stops me from being creative...can also produce my best work.

roses and beginnings

Elephants and rosesBeing criticized is probably the one that stands out as my number one enemy.

Elephants and roses

Elephants and roses
Elephants and rosesHowever, I have learned a workaround for this creativity squasher.

beginnings with soft light

Elephants and rosesWhen I am criticized, I ask myself:

Do you value this peron?

Is this person a role model?

Can I learn something from this criticism?

beginnings with soft light

Elephants and rosesIf the answer to all three questions is no, then I realize that they are just a creativity squasher and they probably have their own agenda.

Elephants and roses

Elephants and rosesWhatever the culprit is that keeps me from being creative, I take the opportunity to step away from my work, change the channel for a while and come back with new energy.

Click on me and see Elephants and Roses with a bit of French Script fabric

Elephants and rosesMy creative muse is never too far away, and she always comes back when I least expect it.

roses, have a lovely day

Elephants and rosesPlease stop by and visit Amisha and the many participants of the Creativity Blog party on Sunday over at Gorgeous and Fun Things.

Elephants and roses

Today is Pink Saturday and Bev from How Sweet The Sound has asked us to create something Pink and Green for St. Patrick's Day. Sooooooooooooooo,

Elephants and roses
Anonymous said...

Great post. My creativity stopper is tiredness. The remedy is obvious and I need to learn not to fight it.

Lisa x

Jeanne said...

Karen, you are so creative, I can't imagine you getting squashed. Smile. I love your elephants and how they are standing when they are happy and upside down when they are sad. You should never let anyone squash your happy creative life.
Loving what you do.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Beautiful friend, creativity is our heart. My creativity has been with me since birth...I know it for as a little child, I would see shapes on the walls for example, and imagine them to be an elephant, a flower, a bird...once I learned to use a pencil, paper, my language and how to dance with my body, the spirit inside finally had tools to use to express the God-given never leaves us, but if it is squashed for a time, God always brings it back around..which is what He is doing for me. YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION dear Karen, you always have been. LOVELY IMAGES AS ALWAYS!! Anita

Beverly said...

Karen, this post is a bearer of smiles. I admit that I always have an agenda when I visit you. The agenda is that I adore you and your sweet giving heart.

Your elephant decked out for St. Patrick's Day is adorable.

Happy Pink Saturday and love to you, dear friend.

Vee said...

You've given us a number of things to ponder today. The way you approach criticism is a valuable lesson for me, too. Thank you. Are you sending any of these images to Spoonflower? What a dreamy fabric the roses and butterflies would be!

Char said...

Ok Karen, you got my brain to working overtime.
I think you are very creative, just look at how pretty and how fun your post is, I love it. Wow, all the texture and colors, it's beautiful.
Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Anonymous said...

Oh Karen! I love the elephant!

And what you talked about speaks to me so dearly! I gave up creating for a few years because of someone's criticism. This happened when I was a teenager and it was a friend's parent.

It took me years to figure out to not let someone else take away the joy of creating.

Thank you for talking about this!

Susie Jefferson said...

Just lovely! A fabulous confection of photoshop magic, just love what you've done. I haven't managed a post this week (not even caught up visiting people who visited me last week, which is awful....)

Happy PS from the UK, and Happy St Patrick's Day as well. It's Gold Cup day at Cheltenham Races as well, so DH is highly excited, lol.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Oh your elephants are stunning! They made me smile seeing all of them. :) Creativity squashers are called "bucket dippers" at my school. We all strive to be "bucket fillers" and I have to say that your blog fills my bucket with happiness!

Deanna said...

I would hope that nothing would ever keep you from being creative. I admire all the work you do and one of my favorite things to do is to get my eye really close to the screen and look at every inch of what you create.

I love it when my sister and I are together at her house and I show her my favorite blogs, when we get to your blog, we always say, "How did she do that?" What I marvel at also is, how you put together your post.

One of these days you simply must make a video of yourself creating one of your awesome posts.

Happy Pink Saturday
Deanna ;D

Tricia said...

Very nice post. I have been lucky that I haven't really been criticized - so that is not a hindrance for me. I am probably my own worst critic. That is the one I need to hush up. Ha! Hope you have a great week.