Swans, sunsets and daydreams

garden scene princess

Spoonflower button for blog 8I was out for a walk the other day, and this swan was walking like a Princess, and her court seemed to be keeping a safe distance.  I think she posed so elegantly that I just had to give her a crown.

Lately I have been lost in Words of Inspiration for a new shop I am opening.

garden scene I am in the garden

Spoonflower button for blog 8I have been learning more about photography, prints and textures.

garden scene five

Spoonflower button for blog 8Lost in designing art for a handmade show happening this weekend, and I will share what I have created on a post soon.

Garden Scene with french script

Spoonflower button for blog 8I have also been learning new techniques on Photoshop to design fabric better from a wonderful tutorial.

Just like one of those Kaleidoscopes that you used as a kid, you can create your design in sections and put it back together again to form a seamless repeat design.

When you take this image after using a filter on Photoshop Elements you end up with this:

Click on image to see fabric

Spoonflower button for blog 8Speaking of fabric, Spoonflower just enhanced the shops.  I just had to design a new banner and a button for my sidebar.

Spoonflower button for blog 8

Spoonflower button for blog 8I took a break the other day and took a drive to the beach to see the sunset,

camera oilOh I never am too busy to capture a sunset.

Have you ever noticed that just when you think

that the sun is safely tucked beyond the horizon,

it surprises you

with a lovely parade of pink and blue sky.

Wishing you a beautiful sunset, daydreams

garden scene princess

and a swan or two.

Swan heart "meet cute"

Spoonflower button for blog 8The song for this post is Beautiful.  I found a beautiful video that truly inspired my day.  When you get there,  just click play.

Dear Pink Saturday ladies,  I was trying to write a new post, and blogger was acting a bit wonky, so rather than risk any trouble, I will call it a day.  Stop by and visit Bev and all the wonderful pink posts.

Wishing you a lovely Pink Saturday.signature Karen

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

What a beautiful post Karen. Love those sunset shots. It sounds like you are being very creative! How exciting to be opening a new shop!!

Snap said...

Beautiful, beautiful! Love the princess and her followers. I love your fabrics and your photos are gorgeous. Good luck with the new shop.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

You sound busy, busy with all your fabulous creations. I adore your sweet new blog button.
Good luck with the new shop and your market.
Love the swans and the sweet crown and your magnificent sunset.
You need to enter that in a competition.

Happy day

Dolores said...

Oh Karen, the princess swan, with her crown is too sweet. Your sunset pictures are gorgeous...... God has made so much beauty for us to enjoy, and you capture it so beautifully!

Best of luck and blessings on your new shop.

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Hiya darlin-- as usual I come see you for inspiration.

Some day we need to talk -- you are always taking that next step and I am always standing back thinking i cant ... :)

You need to help push me off the edge.

You are definately beautiful...


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning beautiful Karen. Oh that swan does deserve a crown, for she is regal and upright! But don't cross her, right? teeeheeee..those birds are DYNAMITE!

Spoonflower....ahhhh.....another lovely project I need to tackle this summer. I am so trying to test my hand at poetry and I have to remember to only bite off one chunk at time. This summer is so far so wonderful and I am loving every GOD-given moment. Love to you precious, Anita

Vee said...

May I steal the swans picture? You usually say... ;>

Oh I am feeling better today. I was feeling horrible yesterday and slept for over 5 hours. I think I'm all caught up on missed sleep.

Thank you for the beautiful photographs of one amazing sunset. I've never seen one more lovely.

May all your inspirations keep you happily ticking along, Karen.

bj said...

This post just takes my breath away, Karen. Those sunset photos are breathtaking....so beautiful.

A new shop? How fun is that!
The best of luck, dear heart/

I, too, can't get my photos to load so I guess I must skip Pink Sat. this time....:(
xo bj

Casey said...

A beautiful post my friend. Full of inspiration and lovely pictures! I wish I could have been standing by your side taking in the glorious sunset you saw. Once again you have come up with such creative and pretty new things. I can't wait to see your new shop. I hope you have a bliss filled weekend.


Zuzu said...

Delightful post, Karen! Full of beauty, inspiration, and a little fun. :)
Can't wait to see your new shop!

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, dear Karen.

You are an absolute inspiration with all of your creativity. It is all just beautiful.


Mary Lou said...

What talent and creativity you have! Beautiful!