A Lady in Barcelona

Oh what a beautiful morning

DSC00334Recently a lovely girl named Nuria asked my permission to use one of my photos for her web site.


DSC00334This, by the way gives me the greatest joy. People using my artwork or photography to inspire them.


DSC00334Well, time went on, and then I received an e-mail. Nuria gave me the link to her web site with my photo on the front.


DSC00334It is called Expats in Barcelona.  Now this is not just any web site, but one near and dear to my heart.


DSC00334You see, Nuria has a heart for the ex-pat struggling to adjust to a new country. I remember when I moved to Hong Kong, how I struggled.  I only wish I had a resource like this to pave the way to an easier transition.


DSC00334She lives in Barcelona, Spain, and her web site is dedicated to helping new people who are moving there.  Her web site helps newcomers to Barcelona, with the many adjustments that occur when you change country.


DSC00334You can only imagine my thrill. Perhaps I haven't gotten to Spain yet, but my photo of my Vintage suitcase now lives in Barcelona.

Vintage Suitcase lily pad_1

DSC00334I just got a note from Nuria, and in it she said:

From September, I will be including on my blog a new section: Spanish learning tips. Basically I want to help people to make the most of their experience of learning a foreing language and living abroad.


suitcase with purseWhen I started the series of photographs of my Vintage suitcase traveling to different places, I had no idea that it would travel all the way to Spain.

beach kklassen's she loves you yeah yeah

DSC00334Please visit Nuria, you will love what she has done.


DSC00334The song for this post....Well, yeah...Lady In Spain of course.

beach kklassen's she loves you yeah yeah
Kiki aka Victoria said...

Hi Karen ..such a beautiful post! and so lovely about Nuria...wonderful for you both! I haven't popped in here in ages..it is gorgeous and uplifting as ever..beautiful photos and always magical!
Shine on..hope you are enjoying your summer!
Have a sparkling wkd ahead!

Vee said...

What a neat concept and using your vintage suitcase is perfect for her blog. I'm off to check it out!

Enjoy this beautiful day...

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Karen, what a great quote here! My art is now in Wales, the Netherlands, England (where one of my drawings was made into a stamp!) and else where in the states. What a fun world we have to make connections. Bless you...I have missed your presence; I posted photos on my home and i would love for you to come for a quick stroll...Anita

Tina Eudora said...

Isn't that wonderful Karen! I have never traveled beyond North America, but I do love to hear about other people's travels and experiences.
I love your vintage suitcase and the way you have it in each picture, it just seems to make the photo come alive with excitement and yearning for faraway places!
Great post!
Tina xo

Martina said...

So pretty your suitcase pictures! Will have a look at Nurias site - it sounds wonderful! Have a happy day! xx

Snap said...

Beautiful!!! I love Spain and Barcelona is a place I have not visited ... too in love with the South......

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Karen my sweet friend, thank you for coming over for a cup of tea at Rabbit Hill, my home. It is a place where I want people to always walk into and feel a sense of possibility in their imaginations....thank you for coming by...Anita

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How exciting! I love her idea for a helpful blog! And I would love to actually travel there some day! You inspire us all, my friend! ♥

Dolores said...

I'll check out her sight, but what you've created with your vintage suit case in the series of photos is extrodinarily beautiful and magical. I can see why she would want to use them. You're so talented!