Up Up and Away...

Hot Air Balloon, Stoweflake Festival, Stowe Vermont

This weekend was the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Stowe, Vermont.

Hot Air Balloon, Stoweflake Festival, Stowe Vermont

I have to tell you, when all twenty-five hot air balloons began to fly, my heart skipped a beat.

Hot Air Balloon, Stoweflake Festival, Stowe Vermont

The festival was amazing,
Hot Air Balloon, Stoweflake Festival, Stowe Vermont

It was the 25th Anniversary of the Stoweflake Hot Air Balloon Festival.

They had twenty-five balloons to celebrate the occasion.

I had three cameras with me,

Hot Air Balloon, Stoweflake Festival, Stowe Vermont

My creation

At one point,

I had three cameras turned on,

and I was alternating between all three.

Hot Air Balloon, Stoweflake Festival, Stowe Vermont

I was even using my iphone.

I thought

Hot Air Balloon, Stoweflake Festival, Stowe Vermont

 I would create a mosaic

or two, 

Picnik collage

 and join Mary from Little Red House to celebrate Mosaic Monday.

Hot Air Balloon Festival, Stowe, Vermont

Teagarden said...

WOW, great colours! Thanks for sharing!

Maggie said...

Hi Karen,
What a great day it must have been, you took some wonderful photos with your 3 cameras.
Fabulous mosaics too, especially the moody, artistic one with the different treatments of the same image.
Happy MM to you too!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOW! Karen, the overwhelmingly beautiful color that you captured is breathtaking. I was in Stowe Vermont one HOT summer, but missed this grand event...thank you for bringing it to us...WOOO can you manipulate a camera! When you get a chance, come to visit...you will click on a cottage image and actually enter my home via my own washed out and crooked photos...but nonetheless, it is my home, waiting for you. Blessings, Anita

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

The colours and textures in the photos were magnificant. I felt like I could just reach out and touch them. Well done. V

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Karen,

What a fabulous event! Love all the colours!

It's been very busy around here...Hoping to see you soon...

~ Gabriela ~

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Outstanding! The colors are so crisp and clear! It was perfect weather, too! It's always exciting to see hot air balloons...what a special event! WOW! ♥

Vee said...

Oh wowzer! That is one amazing mosaic in one of my most favorite places in all the world. (I'll be hauling John in later for a look.)

Three cameras? Such dedication! They certainly had beautiful weather for the event. What a corker of a weekend!

Snap said...

I do love hot air balloons! Gorgeous images and so much fun!

Carmen said...

Fantastic pictures they are so vibrant! I love watching the balloon flights so thankyou for making me feel like i was there!

Kathleen Grace said...

These are so beautiful! Once when the girls were small a hot air balloon landed in our side yard! It was a great memory, every kid int he ngihborhood (and most of the adults!) came running over to watch and help. I love how fairy tale pretty these are:>)

Dolores said...

Wow, it looks like you had
a glorious time. The colors and designs on the balloons are so beautiful and your photography is wonderful!

Lorrie said...

What fantastic colors. I'd love to have been there. There's something about balloons lifting off the ground that makes me want to fly, too.

Sara said...

What a fab day. I love hot air balloons. It looks like you had good weather too. Hugs Sara

Terry said...

I really enjoyed that! The colors were magnificent. I also enjoyed your narrative comments. Thank you!

Cinner said...

Karen I just love these, the colors are fabulous. Have you always had a thing for hot air balloons, I love them on your header too, but these photos the colors are so brilliant. I thought of your blog the other night when I was watching Diane Sawyer, the girl she was interviewing went for a ride in a hot air balloon...she had wanted to do that for years, she said it was so peaceful. have you rode in one...just curious. very very impressed by your photos. have a great week.