Textures, Trails and Wramblings

 A Word of Inspiration Reminder

Is it any wonder that Monet could get lost

in his passion for a lily pond?

Swans and Sunsets are my weakness, you know?

I will go to crazy lengths to capture photos of these little passions of mine.

swan black and white

I parked my car and walked about a block

to a dirt path and down the trail to capture these...

swan black and white


When I came home to edit my captures of the day,  I started to play with the textures that Kim Klassen just sent us.

linen bag with Kim Klassen's kk canvas back set


Kim Klassen calls this set canvas-backed textures.

I couldn't wait to play with my box of new crayons.

Today's theme for Texture Tuesday is the number three.  How about using these textures for three birdhouses?

As I reviewed the day's photos, I found so many photos were of trails.

It's funny how we wander down our trails in life.  Sometimes we think we know where we are going...we have a plan.  Yet other times, we haven't a clue as to where we are going.  It is in these times, that we get little unexpected surprises along the way.

The "Life of Bell"...

Bell, a friend of my Grandmother's lived around the block and would visit us often.  Bell, took care of the man who lived there for many many years.  He was ill but very wealthy.  Bell was very poor and although she lived with him to care for him, he never shared his wealth while he was alive.  Bell didn't even have proper shoes, when she visited us.

When he died, he left Bell all of his money.  She went on to live like a queen.  She moved to Florida and lived the rest of her life wealthy, happy and fulfilled.  She had sacrificed so many years taking care of him, but she knew that God was pleased.

I was designing this piece the other day, and I thought of Bell.  Somehow it seems to express how her life turned out.  I used several French Kiss Textures.

The LIfe of Bell texturized

The song for this post is Gravity.

Suz said...

Beautiful Job, Karen. You always present such cohesive and lovely eye candy...and I loved the music, too!

Nadege, said...

This is a lovely collection of images.

Theresa said...

Lovely! So interesting seeing your effects.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Karen,

I finally went over to Kim's site and signed up for her freebies! I NEED HELP for my photos are sick!!! I need to do something about my inability to use the camera and hopefully Kim's textures will be a lovely bandaid on my photography fumbles!!!! I LOVE THE FRENCH LINEN photo you captured and enhance...and your swans are always so lovely...poetry in motion.


Gardening in a Sandbox said...

I enjoyed the results of your playing with textures and your photos. Amazing. v

sissie said...

Oh my goodness, what lovely, inspiring photo captures. Just looking at them as made the start of my week very happy.


Vee said...

Yes, I was nodding my head as you described wandering along and finding unexpected surprises. The swans are a delight...we love them here, too. Are you doing notecards by any chance? I loved the story of Bell. Was the old man testing her do you suppose by not providing anything more than her pay?

Beverly said...

Karen, all of your images are lovely.

I loved that you shared with us about Belle. Her story reminded me of a character in a book I just finished reading.

Pat said...

Wonderful post. You really came up with some creative ways to enhance your photos!

Dolores said...

Karen, your pictures are so beautiful!!!
I love the story of Bell; when I read the first paragraph, I was thinking what a jerk this old guy was. How sweet that he appreciated Bell and did the right thing.
I hope you all are doing well!!

Robby said...

Even if it is photos only, it's very relaxing to see lovely places.Lovely photos..