Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cape Cod Inspiration

I love watching and listening to the waves hit the shore.

Walking on the boardwalk,

collecting sea glass and shells is a favorite thing for me to do.

I love building castles in the sand, and I love spending time at the beach.

Just some things I brought home with me to share with you.  Since I cannot take you to the beach with me, I thought I would bring the beach to you today.

Today is Mosaic Monday, so please stop by Dear Little Red House, and enjoy Mary's beautiful photography and all the mosaics today.

Lovely Resources:
I purchased some lovely papers for my window view from Sonya on etsy.  I am in love with Sarah Gardner's textures, and Kim Klassen's templates for mosaics.  Have a visit to ScratchCam for your iPhone edits.
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