Monday, May 28, 2012

Baby Shower Inspirations III

Planning a baby shower is so much fun.  Here is an update to the Baby Shower inspirations.  I previously posted about the Baby Shower plans.

Added to my baby shower checklist was a way to tie in my chandelier baby shower decorations into the tablescape.   I wanted to find ideas to give me the best baby shower, but I didn't find too many chandelier ideas that worked for my design.

I had a basic idea how I wanted to match the theme in the room and add it to my chandelier.

I took flower petals and assembled them into a rosette, using my fabric as the top layer of petals.  I cut out the shape of the top layer with one of my Samantha Seahorse fabric swatches.

After assembling the petals the way I wanted them to look, I sewed them together using a bit of felt on the bottom to anchor the rosette.

(My petals are vintage ones that I purchased at an Antique market.  They are originally flowers used for millinery).  Here is a link to a Millinery Flower pattern which you can use to cut out your own flowers out of your favorite fabrics.

After sewing it together, I added a button at the bottom and sewed it to the felt.  I like doing this because it gives you lots of ways to use the rosette.  I simply tied a bit of tulle around the button and then I could tie it to my lampshade without hurting the shade.

By sewing a button on the bottom, not only do you anchor the rosette, but you can tie it to a gift, or to something you want to decorate.  Sometimes I sew the rosette to the ribbon before it is tied to a gift.  Then the person that the gift is for, gets to use the rosette for something else.

So, this is how it looks on the shade.  I like the way the tulle makes it look like a hat.  I am going to use A Tea Party theme for the main food table buffet.  So, it seems appropriate that my little shades will be wearing hats to my tea.

When I finish all eight shades, I will photograph the chandelier and share the finale.

My inspiration for my rosettes comes from my beloved little treasure of a book by Kaari Meng called Treasured Notions.   French General

While I am in the process of planning the shower, I thought I would add links of inspiration to my sidebar.  I have found some really cute baby shower inspirations.

I hope I sewed some inspiration into your day today.  Wishing you a lovely day.

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