Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baby Shower Inspirations & Favors

Another thing completed from my Baby Shower checklist.

 I filled the little boxes with wrapped chocolates using my own seahorse wrapper design.  The same design that sits on top of the boxes.  Thank you Karen for helping me design these favors.  And thank you Joyce for helping me assemble them.

Just three more days until the Shower.  I created little diaper arrangements out of the the leftover diapers from the diaper cake.

Judy, your packages match the room perfectly.

 Now onto the food tomorrow.  I will share photos next week of the table and lots of other details. I have so enjoyed creating things for the baby shower.  It reminded me how much I have always enjoyed planning showers.

This song sung by Steve Tyrell always reminds me of a very homesick day back when we lived in Hong Kong.  I watched Father of the Bride and longed for the day when we would be back in the States and have a house again.

So, here it is many years later and planning this party made me see how God has blessed our life in so many ways.

I'll be back next week.  Have a wonderful week.
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