A String of Pearls Inspiration

It's funny how the chapters of our lives are bookmarked by so many things.  Here I am at 34 years old in the Hampton's at Coopers Beach.

I heard a sermon once and the pastor said that each chapter of our life is represented by a pearl.

As we travel on our journey we add more and more pearls until.

In our old age we have A String of Pearls to enjoy in reflection of our beautiful memories.

My friend Joyce, snapped this photo when we went to Martha's Vineyard this Spring.  She gave it to me the other day and I thought it looked familiar.  So, I took this old photo out.  That photo was taken by my husband when we had just started dating.

Such a lovely reflection, especially since we'll be hosting our daughter Ashley's baby shower this weekend.  So many pearls have been added since that photo was taken in 1983.

It's funny how somethings never change.  I still love the beach and I love photography even more now.

The name of the song for this post is A String of Pearls.  Thank you Joyce for giving me matching pearls on my necklace.

I hope this post inspires you to reflect on some beautiful pearls on your own string of pearls.  It's Monday and you know what that means...Mosaic Monday.  I am sure you will find lots of photography inspiration.  So, please stop by and visit Mary from Little Red House.

I have used Kim Klassen's textures and backgrounds on all of my photos on this post.  Kim surprised us with a beautiful collection of textures front the test kitchen.  So, I got busy using a few of them.

There's lots of new things going on her Cafe Blog.  Check out Texture Tuesday for a free and easy eDition.
Susan said...

That's awesome, Karen. Doesn't even look like you've aged at all! Incredible. Good luck with the baby shower. Susan

A Garden of Threads said...

Beautiful post!!! Thank you for sharing it, I will spend some time reflecting my string of pearls. Have an enjoyable week and good luck with the shower:)

Vee said...

Susan is right. One finds it hard to believe that it is 29 years later. You just keep getting better!

I like the sentiment about the pearl...

Lavender Cottage said...

I like the pearl theory and I shall think about how many pearls I have for reflection.
You've certainly aged well, you can be proud of that.

Kim, USA said...

Beautiful collage. And yes I agree some things never change! ^_^


Carol said...

Wonderful post! Agree that some things never change. And also find that some things improve with age :) Such similar shots, beautiful mosaic.

Lorrie said...

I love the pearl metaphor. And wonderful photos of you on the beach.

Have a wonderful week, Karen.

eileeninmd said...

Lovely post and sentiment on pearls. You look like you have not changed, nice to stay so young. Have a great day!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am so glad that over these past 4 years of blogging,you have INSPIRED ME. If blogger friends are pearls, and I believe you are, then my necklace is full. Lovely my dear, just lovely....Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Sweet friend,

THANK YOU for wanting a chance to win my shoe. They are quite lovely in person, and I will put your name in! Wasn't that Paris party so much fun? Gathering us all together was the objective, and I will never for it.


Elyse said...

hi karen,

what a perfect post.


NanaDiana said...

Karen- What a beautiful post. I love that you have both those photos- Life really is like pearls strung together, isn't it? I think as I age what comes to mind is pearls of wisdom from what I have learned along life's highway- Blessings- xo Diana

The Shop Around the Corner said...

I love it, Karen. For a while now, I have referred to my collection of quotes--including some of my own thoughts--by that title "String of Pearls." I love how you have used those meaningful words here.
Thank you for sharing.

Much love,

Mary Howell Cromer said...

Beautiful, thoughtful memorable images and words to contemplate~

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Karen,

What a lovely post and photos!


Cinner said...

hi karen, I finally got a new computer so I can comment again. I have missed you. I Loved your post and will never look at a string of pearls the same way,hope all is well,glad to be back. hugs.