Happy Monday

What to write?

Have you ever had so many things happening simultaneously that you can't catch your breath?

I've been creating spooky treats for Halloween.

Painting banners everywhere.

Kim's on-line class for Lightroom 4 is called Round-trip, and I am enjoying the countless videos.  Trying to absorb so much information that Kim provides.

Spoonflower invited me to take part in their beta test for a new product line, several months ago. They are announcing the opening of their new products shortly.  It's been fun, but when I was advised that the beta test was ending, I had to scramble to tweak the last minute adjustments.  Stay tuned, it's exciting.

I heard some more good news two weeks ago when Society6 announced that they were carrying iPhone cases for the iPhone5.  The best part, I didn't have to spend hours redesigning.  When I visited my shop, they had miraculously done the work for me and reworked my designs to fit the new iPhone 5 model.

Here are a few new designs I have been working on for fabric, cell cases and other products.

Another announcement followed from Society6 which entailed a bit more work, but so worth it.  Society6 is now offering tote bags added to their products.

I just received several new fabric swatches from Spoonflower, which I have yet to list on French Script on Etsy.

I stopped today to take a few photos for this post.  I love Hydrangeas and roses, and it gave me an opportunity to practice what I am learning in Kim's class.

Last but not least, I got to have my first overnight with little RJ the other night.  When I am with him, I seem to slow down.  I just sit back, take a breath and enjoy the blessing.   Ahhh, what a difference a day makes.  

Snap said...

Happy Monday to you, too! You are busy! Enjoying all life has to offer. Good for you! Hugs--

Vee said...

An overnight already? I had to wait five years! Blessed you. He certainly is a handsome little love.

All that you have going on sounds very exciting and has me wondering what's next...

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Karen, of all your MASTERPIECES that I just LOVE, your little man here has got to be the most stunning. You are loving being a grandmother, aren't you dearest?

You are a copious and talented artist. I aspire to be able to catch up with all my ideas soon and put them into the proper format to help me appeal to others.....my ideas at the moment are whims and may not be suitable for others, but I am having fun......YOU ROCK! teehee......


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/From Harvest To Table said...

So many wonderful things going on in your world Karen! I am happy for you. Little RJ is adorable!

The Shop Around the Corner said...

Happy Monday to you too, Karen.
Love all the beauty and serenity that seems to pop right out of the page when I visit with you.
Wondrous wonders going on in your little corner. Enjoy them all, love.
PS-Thanks for playing along at our slumber party. ;)

A Garden of Threads said...

Being a Gran is so special and he is so cute. You are brave, not sure I could have a sleep over. Take care, Jen.