Advent Calendar Day 18 Gift

Welcome to the gift of an Advent Calendar.  I have always loved Advent calendars.  When I was little, I just couldn't wait to open each little door and find the surprise waiting there.

This Christmas I am turning my blog into an Advent calendar, so I can give you a Christmas surprise every day until Christmas.  Every day I will post downloadable artwork for you to use as my gift.
To remind us of the Children singing in heaven today, I chose a song by Jackie Evancho to serenade our post.

There is nothing as mindful of the season as snow falling at night.  One evening I took a ride to see the Christmas lights by one of the nearby lakes.  At the end of the block facing the lake, a gazebo was lit for the Holidays.

A Christmas tree was inside, as if some little guests might arrive any minute. Snow was gently falling creating that beautiful silence that only snow can make.  The scene was too beautiful not to capture and bring home to share.

 Today's gift is a print for you of the Merry Christmas Gazebo scene.  The name of the file is called Advent Gift Day 18, Merry Christmas Gazebo, and you can download the file here.

I thought you might need some more large tags to decorate your packages.  The name of the file is called Advent Gift Day 18, Merry Christmas Gazebo tags, and you can download the file here.

During the Christmas season, I will be creating more gift tags, Christmas stationery, and all kinds of art for you to use.  You can give the art as gifts, decorate your home or use on your Christmas crafts and cards.  If you miss a day, just click on this page, and you can see all the posts and artwork at a glance.

You can also find all of the artwork on my Pinterest Board called An Advent Calendar of Downloadable Artwork.  If you click the artwork that you like, it will lead you back here with the link to the download.

Vee said...

Those children's voice singing Handel's Messiah are very beautiful and special. Another lovely post with another lovely gift of Christmas. There's a gazebo in Brunswick that I love to see at this time of year and another on our way to Freeport. They do lend themselves beautifully to Christmas decorating.

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Karen,

Love these cards! No snow around here, can you believe it? And apparently is going to be a green Christmas...
I want snow!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

AND THIS SONG my dear, gives me goosebumps as I imagine all the children of God, before Him now in close proximity, singing this song of praise. We wait in the shadows, in the winter of our waiting. But the eternal residents experience that spring of life that we can only celebrate in part. YOU HAD A WHITE HORSE???? My favorite creature of all time! AND I BELIEVE IN MY HEART that God will have His creation there for all to see! Oooooo, I hope Dapper comes to greet me! I will jump on his back immediately! teeeeheeee....

BIG HUGS to you and thank you again for this generous gift of your art! Anita

Terri said...

Beautiful Karen!
I love to drive and see the lights in my are too this time of year. We have yet to do that.
Your image of the gazebo is beautiful and it is so kind of you to share it!
Happy Holidays to you and Yours!