Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Note Card Party Inspiration

The lovely Vee from A Haven for Vee, hosts a Note Card party each month.  We are asked to share three Note Card Worthy photos that have been on previous posts.

The best part about Vee's celebration is that it makes you look back and find nuggets of inspiration that you might have forgotten.

Like the post I wrote about my favorite shop in Concord, Nesting on Main.  This first photo is of the window boxes that greet you as you enter their shop.  I used this photo to create the note card at the top of this post.

esting on Main welcomes you with enchanting vignettes everywhere in their shop.  I thought that this next photo would be a lovely note card.

This lovely shop has a little bit of Vintage charm with treasures, jewelry, art, original objects, books and ephemera. And never forget to look up...

A perfectly enchanting chandelier note card.  Truth be told, the lovely shopkeepers do such a brilliant job of staging that every corner could be a note card.

Now,  please stop by A Haven for Vee and see all the lovely note card inspiration.

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