The Cape Cod Hydrangeas are in bloom

The Secret Garden is a favorite book, play and movie.  This part of the soundtrack is when they arrive in the garden and everything is in bloom.

I took a ride to Sandwich, Massachusetts today.  I knew the blue, violet and white Hydrangeas were in bloom.

I was in heaven amongst the bees, butterflies and blue Hydrangeas.  A beautiful butterfly played hide and seek and tried to elude my camera by hiding behind a leaf.  Yet the sun shone bright enough to share the butterfly's shadow.

There was  just enough breeze to make it enjoyable to walk through the gardens.

What better place than a stroll through Heritage Gardens, to take in all the bluest of blue Hydrangeas.

I always admire those elegant bloggers who know just the right amount of photographs to use in a post.  I truly am trying my hardest to contain my zeal.

You must know that I have taken about fifty photographs of these magnificent flowers.  I think I will save some for another post and pretend I am one of those elegant bloggers.

Vee said...

Is there are right and wrong number? You could have kept on for miles because these were lovely to see. The photo of the "you can't see me" butterfly is very special. I've not seen anything like it anywhere in Blogdom.

Sarah said...

Karen, you couldn't post too many photos of these beautiful hydrangeas. I'm sitting here in serious hydrangea envy! They are amazing! And to think we pay $5-$8 a stem for cut hydrangeas.

Pondside said...

'As many as possible' is the right number of photos of these gorgeous blooms!

CLAUDINE said...

Superbes photos!!!

Schotzy said...

We were there 2 years ago, but the hydrangeas were in their last stages of lovilness. These photos are absolutely sublime! What a wondeful time you msut ahve had... Love the photo of the butterfly!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dear Karen! And now is the time to enjoy these iconic flowers of one of the world's most beautiful spots. I wish we could grow this color here, and the blue "Endless Summer" variety we tried several years back just didn't survive. But we do have the white Annabelle variety and they are glorious.

Thank you for sharing just the right amount of photos to whet our appetites for the ethereal and color of heaven...BLUE! Anita

Susan said...

Oh! Karen! How beautiful. They truly are a magnificent flower. Wonderful photos! Susan

Kathleen Grace said...

These flowers are so divine! I received two hydrangea bushes for my birthday, one white and one pink, and they are doing so well. Next I'll need a blue bush:>)

Anonymous said...

You could share anything you want, Karen, your heart always shines through, and there is no other you which is what I love about your blog...Karen and all she's passionate about.
Speaking of loving, I am falling head-over-heels for Hydrangeas. They're so full of life. Loved seeing these beauties today.
Have a s'wonderful weekend. ;)

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Loved seeing every picture! Such beautiful shades of blue in those hydrangeas. I've never successfully grown hydrangeas at my home, though I have tried.

I liked catching glimpses of the butterfly, too.