Memories, inspiration, and Once upon a time

I poured myself a cup of tea and sat in my favorite chair.  I had left one of my journals on the coffee table, and as I opened it, I suddenly walked down memory lane in Hong Kong.  Memories came flooding back from Once upon a time.  This melody really gets to the heart of how I feel tonight.

It's a funny thing about being nostalgic, it's bittersweet.

This is a scene that I saw often when I would ride on the Star Ferry from Hong Kong side to Kowloon in the 90's.  The skyline is magnificent.  I cried when I watched this video.

As I watched this video, I went back in time and I could remember vividly the way the night air felt against my skin.  The way I had felt every time I looked at the skyline.

Yes, I could board a plane and visit Hong Kong today, but my chapter there is a bit like Brigadoon.  My girls were so little then and my mother was my age at the time, and able to take my girls on many adventures.

Sometimes I miss me,
the way I was there at least.
So young and fit, able to climb mountains and walk for miles without ever tiring.

Another beautiful video captures the feeling of Tai Tam best.  This is the same view we had from our apartment in Hong Kong Parkview, and the mountain I climbed all the time.

We moved to Repulse Bay in 1996.   The most glorious memories are of The Mid Autumn festival on the beach with all the lanterns lit.  You could see the twinkling lights for miles.
 Here is a beautiful video of Repulse Bay, that I found on Youtube.  Believe it or not, this time of year reminds me of Repulse Bay and the lovely complex where we lived.

Hong Kong is magical.  It meant so much for me to reconnect with my friend Elizabeth in New York this summer.  She brought a bit of the magic with her, since she still lives there.  Hello Elizabeth.

Yes, it's a funny thing about being nostalgic.

"Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow."

It makes you miss yesterday, but thankful that you were blessed with the memories to keep you company today.

Thank you for walking down Memory Lane with me.

Snap said...

Beautiful post, Karen. You've mentioned HongKong several times over the years. Such sweet memories. Your art work is gorgeous.


Sarah said...

Karen, you have a beautiful way of expressing feelings. It's the artist in you! It's quiet here this morning, just me with Sadie by my feet, my cup of coffee and this exquisite post. Lovely way to start my day!
Thank you for sharing these sweet memories. Yes, we are our experiences.
Have a great day! ~ Sarah

Susan said...

Wow Karen. That was a great post.

I never had that impression of Hong Kong so thanks for all the great videos, etc.

Loved seeing the area through your eyes.

Sounds like you made wonderful memories there, which will be yours forever.

Hope your Sunday is blessed! Susan

Vee said...

You are sounding a bit wistful...I miss my former (firmer) self quite often, too. All the places, people, and homes we've known become a very real part of us, don't they? Perhaps you will take a journey to Hong Kong again and visit your friend there!

Georgianna said...

Dear Karen,

This is such a beautiful post! Your thoughts and insights are so lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed the videos. How wonderful to have such rich and vivid memories of that exotic locale. I've never been to Hong Kong but my sister said it's magnificent.

Thank you for sharing your bittersweet memories.


Pondside said...

Like you, I've lived in different places, among other cultures, and like you, I believe that every place changes me and that I leave a little part of my heart in every place. It's a privilege to have called so many places home.

Kathleen Grace said...

Funny, I miss the little girls that my children used to be, although I love them dearly as young women! But I hadn't thought about missing "me". I sure do wish the way I used to feel though! Now my knees are a bit creaky and nothing is quite as easy at it was, but I kind of like who I am now, maybe even better than who I was then;>)