Welcome December

Welcome December, and now the countdown begins.

Here is Bing serenading this post.

I'll be heading home to Massachusetts in a few days, but I will still be blogging throughout the Christmas season.

 I have been decorating our little doll house here.

I will be doing some Christmas shopping, and getting organized before my trip home.  Oh, yes and I am still painting Christmas.

 It was so much fun decorating here, but I can't wait to see all my old ornaments and decorations.

Well, I hope that you have a wonderful Monday.  I'll be posting a Christmas countdown artwork everyday for the entire month of December.

Don't forget about all the free Christmas artwork from my Advent Calendar.

I also opened up my shop KarenHarveyCox Designs with downloadable artwork for personal and commercial use.  There is some Christmas graphics there too.

My daily Christmas countdown artwork is my gift to you, so please take it home.