Paper Love

A few weekends ago, my sister Lynne and I got together for a few days to visit The Biltmore.  My sister Lynne is such a talented quilter and she wanted to show me how to sew.  Crazy that I design fabric and I can't sew, except by hand.

Fabric is just one of my favorite things.

I had arrived with a stash of my new fabric designs, and she had created these gorgeous quilted rosettes.  As we discussed some ideas that I could design for quilters, I told her I just can't think like a quilter.  That's the real problem, it's not that I need to learn to sew.  I need to learn how quilters think.

Lynne turned to me and said "why don't you take all the designs that you have created and turn them into paper, the downloadable kind."  OMG, I was so excited.

 I know how scrapbookers think because I am one, and I know how paper people think because I absolutely have always loved paper.

Needless to say, Lynne has so inspired me.

So, I will begin to turn my designs into paper too.  I will be able to create samples of my ideas easily and offer cards, invitations, scrapbook papers and artwork as downloadables.

The best part of downloadable artwork on Etsy is that it is instant.  I don't have to go to the Post Office, as soon as someone pays, it is available for them to download automatically.
Well, I have already started filling my KarenHarveyCox Designs shop on Etsy with several downloads.  I am going to work on these some more and offer them soon.  To thank you for stopping by, please feel free to take any artwork that you might be able to use.

I needed something new to do, and paper was my first love after all.  Once upon a time I loved making cards, artwork for my girls and friends and painting.  So, I called this first collection Once upon a time.

Let's welcome Day 3 of December.

I hear it's been snowing back home.  Can't wait to see everyone.

My daily Christmas countdown artwork is my gift to you also, so please take it home.