Lessons in Changing the Channel

How to fight a bit of homesickness.  I learned a long time ago that when I am feeling blue, I need to give a gift to someone, make a card or write a letter.  Change the channel and create something pretty.

Speaking of changing the channel, I love the Turner Broadcasting Channel, a good alternative to watching the news.  I watched The Story of Cole Porter, with Cary Grant.  I love it when he sings in his movies. Here he is singing, You're The Top.

I poured myself a cup of tea into a lovely teacup my friend Joyce had given to me.  She gave me the most wonderful teapot and tea cozy for my Birthday.

Inside the teapot is a removable tea strainer, which makes brewing a good pot of English tea so much easier.

I used the tin of English tea Joyce also gave to me. She had filled a huge bin with British flags on it, with all things British.  My most favorite Birthday gift ever!

You see we both love Susan Branch and love, love, love her book about her and her husband's trip to England.  Make sure you read her new post, if you haven't already.  I know so many of you love her too.

I just received a copy of Original snail mail Willards.  October 1995 - January 2003.  ALL GOOD NEWS.  Heaven knows, we could all use all the good news we can get these days.

I am so thrilled, and as I read this beautiful hand-illustrated booklet, I am brought back to days of lemonade, sitting on the front porch and all things sweeter.

I have been sitting here all morning with a cup of tea and reading this little treasure.  It's like reading letters from a friend.  It is truly amazing to read about what Susan was doing in 1995.  In her writings she talks about new books that she is working on, and what fun I already have many of them on my bookshelves.  You can get your copy here.  Inside the first page reads:

"Always serve letters with 
a cup of tea and a footstool"


And that is exactly what I decided to do this morning.  I have always been a master at changing the channel.  When I am feeling sad, worried or homesick, I write a letter.  Something that I did constantly when I lived in Hong Kong.

So, lessons learned made me create some pretty cards today for friends and family back home.

I loved that I could sip my freshly brewed tea from a teacup that Joyce had given to me.  It made me feel closer to home somehow.

Writing letters is sometimes a bit overwhelming, and seems to be the thing we most procrastinate about.  So, I slipped some lovely papers inside some blank notecards and was able to write a few words.

 Another lovely quote found in Willards:

"To send a letter is
a good way to go
somewhere without 
moving anything but
your heart."

Phyllis Theroux

One of my favorite things about Susan Branch is her ability to remind me to remember Once upon a time days, through her beautifully illustrated writings.

Another thing to do when you are feeling homesick.  Write a blog post for some of your favorite blogging friends.  Well, I think I have forgotten all about being homesick now, after all.

Please take home any of my artwork from this post, that makes you smile.  If you would like some free downloadable stationery, just have a peek at this post. 
I have links to Hydrangea writing papers.

I do believe, I have enough pink to join Bev, from How Sweet the Sound, who hosts Pink Saturday.  Stop by and see all the lovely pink posts.