Pinecones, Natures way of decorating

I apologize to some of you who have tried to leave a comment but can't.  Google+ is a mystery to me, and as I stumble thru learning about circles, comments and the like, I promise I will eventually figure it out. 
So many times I joined something brand new, then stopped using it because of the different glitches that happened.
Only to discover down the road that everyone was going thru similar struggles.  I activated Google+ comments, which means it only accepts comments from people who have a Google+ page.  The advantage of Google+ comments is that I don't have to monitor my comments.
When I goto my dashboard, I can see who has left me a comment quickly and then I can click right into their blog. I also reply to a comment right in my dashboard.  Less clicking and more meaningful content.

It also is the perfect window into seeing who has shared my post and all the posts shared that I would like to read.  I guess this venue suits me, because it compliments bloggers.

Here's what I am listening to for inspiration today.  I love Zooey Deschanel, and love, love, love her music. Time After Time, a classic with a Zooey twist.
I really love the way all the blog posts appear within Google+ and that I can share other people's posts.  There is also a community thingy that I am trying to learn about, which links you to kindred spirits.  The problem is that there aren't enough hours in the day to keep up with all that there is to enjoy.
 I am not on Twitter and although I post things on Facebook and love being updated about what my friends are doing, I am a blogger at heart.  Google+ let's me see my favorite blogs and link to other kindred spirits that I might not get a chance to discover.
Now that the Christmas season decorations are put away, I thought my home needed a bit of winter charm.  I need pretty clutter to be happy.
I just love pinecones.  If I were back home I could just take a basket and go into my front yard and collect a bunch.  So pinecones were my way of adding some nature inside or creating a craft or two.

Recipe for creating a digital wreath.

This is so cool.  
I did a hand-drawn sketch of a pinecone, 

After taking a photo of it, I uploaded it to my computer, and used Photoshop Elements brushes to color it. 

Then I deleted the background in Photoshop Elements.  

Once I had a nice cleaned up file.  I opened up a new file and added a circle shape on the page.  

I added my pinecone, one at a time, angling it as I went along, to create the wreath.  
This is my new obsession, to create elements and then assemble them digitally in Photoshop Elements.  

Also, I can use all those yummy textures to add depth and perspective to my illustrations.  Now I have added pillows and prints to my Etsy shop.  I just ordered an outdoor one for my bench outside.  

With the Christmas decorations missing, my home needs a bit of cozy clutter.  Nature does a great job outside, now we can borrow nature's decorating elements to add winter charm to our homes inside.

Pretty cool.