Designing with a cup of tea

We have all been sick with some kind of virus.  My Grandchildren, Ashley and now me.  Although I don't feel as sick as I know they were, I am still happy to be resting with a cup of tea today.

Listening the song, What'll I do.

Blankets pulled up and comfy cozy in bed, I keep my trusty laptop nearby to read interesting things, watch a movie or design things.

I watched The Butcher's Wife on Netflix on my computer.  If you haven't seen the movie before, I highly recommend it, here is the movie tailer to watch.  Of course it is completely magical.  Oh, and the reason for the song What'll I do for this post is sung in the movie.

I have watched that so many times, but this time with more interest.  The character who plays the wife is from a remote island off the coast of North Carolina.  So cool, it's called Baldheaded Island, and you have to take a ferry to get there.

So, I am doing what I did as a kid when I was sick, including coloring.  Only my coloring always involves fabric designs.

Spoonflower was having a weekly contest where they ask you to design something with restricted colors.  The contest votes will begin on Thursday.  I enjoy seeing what the challenge is, because it gives me a deadline and inspiration.  This week is coral, mint, black and white.  I entered the French script one: French Coral Roses with French script.

But my favorite one is called Happy Roses and Dots.

I needed a happy design to make me feel better.  And my designing continued with a few more designs in this collection.  The colors started with just four for the original design, but quickly became eight, as the design inspiration kept expanding.

I keep thinking what a happy quilt this fabric collection would make.  I love a challenge and it always leads to so many more fabric inspirations.

Speaking of happy, here is my grandson, Brayden.

Sunday is Brayden's birthday party and I must get well, so I can help with the party plans.  What a difference a year makes in a little one's life.  Well, stay warm and healthy and dream of when the Hydrangeas are in bloom.