A day painting watercolor flowers at lovely gardens

When I found out about a workshop in watercolor flower painting given by my favorite art teacher, Mary La Forge, I couldn't resist.  Although Mary gives painting classes in her home in Lyme, Connecticut, this was the perfect backdrop to paint flowers in watercolor.
 The flower garden at the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme, Connecticut is lovely.
This week is the garden fest at the museum.
 Iris, peach Poppies and white arbors.
The Florence Griswold Museum has some wonderful history for artists and continues to offer many art programs.
 Some of my favorite flowers were in bloom.
Sweet pink summer roses.
 The art center was as charming as the gardens.  The history of the Lyme Art Colony is amazing.
We spent Monday painting inside with Mary. The class was on painting daisies, and it brought me back to 27 years ago when Mary first taught me how to paint in watercolor in her studio in Pennington, New Jersey.  Mary and her husband attended our wedding and invited Sarah into her gardens to pick flowers when she was two years old.
 The pink peonies called my name.
 Sweet Summer love....who could ask for anything more?
Well, the workshop continues tomorrow, and I promise to share more photos.

Mary lives and teaches in Lyme, Connecticut.  
If you would like more information about her painting classes and workshops, 
please contact her at (860) 526-8342.
Mary also does some beautiful portraits
of Bridal Bouquets on commission.

Bridal Bouquet portrait by
Mary Green La Forge