Lost in the World of Painted Furniture

Listening to Billie Holiday and painting is always a good thing...
I have always wanted to paint furniture.  I felt intimidated since I am the Queen of Drips.  I hated the idea of having to strip furniture and sand a piece before I got started to put the icing on the cake.

Until I discovered Chalk paint.  I am smitten and have painted a few pieces so far.  You can just start painting with little or no preparation work.  You just need to make sure the surface is clean before you begin.  I thought it would be a good idea to take a class and learn what other finishes I might enjoy. Let the painting begin!

I love the shop Signature Finishes, which his located in North Grafton, Massachusetts.  I took the class last Sunday.

Maureen owns and operates Signature Finishes, and she is so lovely.  I learned so much during class and every time I stop by her shop.

Maureen Bane founded Signature Finishes.  Originally the company was a faux finishing  company, with a concentration of working with clients and interior designers to service a variety of projects.  The projects were murals, paints, glazes, plasters and glass etchings.

Signature Finishes has evolved, Maureen has become an Antique dealer, teacher, store owner, and paint supplier.  Their paint products are offered in shops in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

They are celebrating their 2nd Year Anniversary!

Some wonderful women were in the class, and they each had different ideas and experiences, which they shared.  We learned many techniques, including how to apply glazes on top of our chalk painted creations.

I loved being able to use all different kinds of brushes, and dip into paint, glazes and try whatever colors I fancied.  Here's Melody, who also works at Signature Finishes, offering lots of brushes for us to use in class.

 We used Annie Sloan chalk paint, and as you can see Maureen has a great supply on hand to help you make painted perfection.  There are lots of workshops that you can attend.

An introduction to  Miss Mustard Seed Milk paint.
During class, we also learned about how to apply milk paint to our surfaces.  We painted a bird house using the milk paint, and then enjoyed adding glazes to our work.

Brushes, did someone say brushes?  Maureen has so many different brushes, and accessories to  use with your painted project.

 Here I am with the class.  What nice group of talented women.  We were anxious to get started and use all the wonderful supplies at our fingertips.
 We used our milk paint to not only paint the birdhouse but create a wash for the roof.

During class there were lots of samples around to show us what the results would be, based on our paint and glaze choices.

Here we all are in birdhouse heaven.
 My birdhouse now lives on top of my new potting table, which I purchased at Signature Finishes.

Oh, did I tell you that Maureen's shop is filled with hand-painted furniture and beautiful pieces for you to buy too?

Signature Finishes

204 Worcester Street
North Grafton, Massachusetts

Stop by and like their Facebook page.  I can't wait to share some painted pieces that I have recently done.

Have a beautiful day, happy painting!