Trick or Treat

A Trick or Treat trifle, seemed fun for me to make when I found something similar on Pinterest.  Just search Halloween trifle and you wouldn't believe how many amazing ideas there are for you to enjoy.

I am enjoying decorating for Halloween this year.  So inspired because I have my two favorite pumpkins nearby.  RJ and Brayden make everything more fun!

I remember when RJ was first born, he was my favorite pumpkin.

Now I have two favorite pumpkins!
They are so much fun, and they are so thankful when I create something for them.
 "Mammaw did you make that for me?  Thanks Mammaw you are the best ever!"
Then Brayden copies whatever RJ says in his own little language.
Who wouldn't want to create fun for them?

Click play, if you would like to hear Autumn Leaves.

 I did a watercolor painting of my daughter, Sarah years ago when she was nine and dressed up as a witch for Halloween.

I put her on top of my watercolor jack-o-lantern to design this outdoor pillow.  It always makes me smile.

Halloween seems like a long road away...

Yet, the pumpkins and mums are beginning to be everywhere you look.  I'm ready for sweater weather, pumpkin everything and making soup.
My daughter, Ashley has been taking some amazing photos of the boys, and she truly has found her passion.  We plan on collaborating on some fun backdrops and props for her to enjoy with her photography.  I'll be sure to share them in my posts.

Next we'll be enjoying the Fall leaves.
There are a few trees turning, but soon there will be a chill in the air and we'll be memorizing the gorgeous Autumn leaves.