The Hydrangeas are in Bloom

I was so excited to learn that this year there would be a Hydrangea festival on the Cape.  Here is a video that talks about the many things that happened this year.

Joyce and I took a ride to see the Hydrangeas at the Heritage Gardens in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

This year there were garden tours throughout the Cape.  I wish I could have been able to visit a few.

I was in heaven amongst the bees, butterflies and blue Hydrangeas.  A beautiful butterfly played hide and seek and tried to elude my camera by hiding behind a leaf.  Yet the sun shone bright enough to share the butterfly's shadow.

We had so much fun walking through the Hydrangea gardens and memorizing the day.

What better place than a stroll through Heritage Gardens, to take in all the bluest of blue Hydrangeas.

I have been meaning to add my Hydrangea photo collection into one post.  This seemed the ideal time.

You must know that I have taken about fifty photographs of these magnificent flowers.  I think I will save some for another post and pretend I am one of those elegant bloggers.

Well, I can't get enough Hydrangea love!

I have Hydrangeas at my door, and this year my Hydrangeas are beautiful in my garden.  I brought some in and put them in a vase for the den.

I hate to see the season end.  I just love these blue and violet blooms.