Autumn Love

 I thought I would share some photos of RJ enjoying jumping in the haystacks at Berlin Orchards.

 There is something so special about this time of year

It's always been my favorite time of year.  Now that I  have two grandsons who are discovering the magic of Fall, I am smitten once again with the season.
 RJ is three now and loves to jump, especially when it's a soft fall into a haystack.
 Here is Brayden, my daughter Ashley and RJ running through the paths at Tower Hill Botanic Gardens.
Enjoying the find...caterpillars and chipmunks, little boy discoveries.
And I wanted to share the good news.  My daughter Sarah and her husband Mike are expecting their first child.  Now I will get to play with a third grandchild!

Here's the happy couple with us at Berlin Orchards.  This is such a lovely chapter.
Have a wonderful day.