A Miniature Road to Calm

 I love miniatures, and it seems that when life gets a bit overwhelming, I find myself lost in the world of miniatures, designing shadow boxes, and the little things. The Little Things in Life are the sweetest.


There is a collection of tiny treasures on Pinterest on my board called Miniatures and Doll House treasures.  When I started my project with the decorator in mind, I found a wonderful miniaturist on Etsy who lives in Adelaide, Australia.  I found her painters set perfect for what I had in mind.

Paula's shop has so many wonderful treasures.  The name of her store is Life Inspired Miniatures.

So often, I find myself lost in the world of tiny things.  

I created some mini Cape Cod Hydrangea prints for my new projects.  And my dollhouse French Script wallpaper came in handy to create these rolls of wallpaper.

Here is my finished hutch with the chalk furniture painter and decorator in mind.  Thank you Paula, for creating such charming treasures that made my vision come to fruition.
A Decorator's Hutch

I am creating a few miniatures for my new booth at Signature Finishes in North Grafton, MA.

I wrote a post called Lost in the World of Painted Furniture.  It was all about my chalk paint adventure at Signature Finishes a while back.  Now I am so happy to be part of their lovely shop.

A miniature road to calm surely defines the peace I find when I am creating little treasures.  I just wish there was more time to create all the little worlds inside my heart.