Watching the Snow Fall and Designing Spring Home Decor

It is snowing outside, and although the weather forecast says that we will not get as much snow as NYC, it is really coming down out there.  The winds are gusting and the snow is coming quickly.

I chose a favorite movie to listen to while I design Spring pillows.
I didn't know that David Bowie gave the introduction in the movie, The Snowman.  I shared the full version, so why not get a cup of hot cocoa and watch, while the snow falls outside.

I was so excited when my pillow designs were also available in a rectangular (lumbar) shape.  The Rectangular Pillow is a lovely companion to my square pillows.
They are made from 100% spun polyester poplin fabric.  These "Lumbar" pillows feature a double-sided print and are finished with a concealed zipper.  They include a faux down insert, and are available in small, medium and large sizes.

Small       17" x 12"
Medium   20" x 14"
Large       25.5" x 18"

As an artist, shapes speak to my designs and I find inspiration when I am offered a new product to hold my artwork. I feel like someone just gave me a new coloring book and crayons.
My Cape Cod Hydrangea Nosegays will be a nice combination with my square pillows.
I just sold my first Daffodil Rectangular Pillow on my Etsy Shop, French Script.  My customer is from Pennsylvania, so I think she might be dreaming of Spring, like I am today.

Well I am back to work designing as I listen to The Snowman and watch the snow fall outside my window.  

I just opened the front door and took this photo.  I know they are saying that Boston is only supposed to have an inch of snow, but it looks pretty powerful already out there.   

Have a beautiful day and keep warm.  Just think when the snow stops. we can go outside and build our own snowman.

Pondside said...

I love those hydrangeas! It's so nice to visit your page - a boost to winter-weary spirits.

Anonymous said...

Oh-oh, not sure where my comment went, so I'll try again.
LOVE the new lumbar choice. We're in the middle of moving, but as soon as we settle in I'm headed straight for French Script. Ever consider a Flamboyant tree (Royal Poinciana)? I can't get enough of those gorgeous orange flowers.
Enjoy the snow, dear Karen.