To Blogland and Back

Recently, I was thinking allot about why I stopped blogging.  Yes, it was a bit about time because I took time gathering just the right photos and music for each post.

But not really because when I feel joy about something, I just need to share it.  No matter how busy I was in the beginning, I always found time to write a post.

I think I stopped blogging because I forgot why I had started in the first place.  In the beginning I wanted to create posts about things I wanted to share.  Each post was a creative endeavor.

Soon I got wrapped up with all the blogging parties and events.  At first it was fun.  Before I knew it I was giving my time and posts away to meet other people's topics.  As time went on, these blogging events had rules, you can only join if.  At that point I no longer enjoyed posting and I just didn't know why.

I literally would run to Home Goods to purchase dishes for a themed blogging party.  Then one day my daughter asked me if she could have a piece of cake or was it for my blog.  HELLO.  Then I knew my priorities had truly gotten out of hand.   I found myself asking Who am I, why am I here in the Land of Blog anyway.

Yes, and in-between the busyness of life got in the way.  Adversity brought me back to writing again about awakening to a new view of things.  Soon, I wanted to share what I had discovered while I had been away.

I also wanted to think about why I left in the first place, so that it doesn't happen again.

I suppose blogging again reflects the chapter I am in now.  Now I want to create posts about the joy and beauty I see in life.  Celebrating God's gifts helps me to cope with adversity.  Taking time to celebrate and memorize the beauty around me brings me joy.

This chapter of my life seems to be all about simplifying my life so that I can enjoy God's gifts.

I know that so many of you are also coming back home to blogging. Blogging about what you want to write about.

We can all learn from Cinderella.  "You do not find a happy life, you make it"!  She was always singing despite the cinders of her life.  Yes, lately there has been an abundance of cinders in my life.  But I must keep singing, writing and blogging.

Latane Barton said...

Karen, you wrote what I was thinking and could not type out on my keyboard. Yes, blogging has evolved into all these parties and memes and stuff and I struggle to keep up because, heaven help me if I don't have a ton of comments and a bunch of followers. You really 'hit the nail on the head'. It's time to remember that we are bloggers because we love being creative, of sharing our writing, of putting our thoughts somewhere where we can go back and relive them again and again. Thank You!!

Terra Hangen said...

There are dark cinders in my life too, but still I blog on topics I like. I am glad you are back and finding a renewed purpose and joy in blogging. Let's blog to our own tunes.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a lovely, heartfelt post. I've been blogging since 2008, it's a simple blog of my 'musings' on life. When I started my blog, I was married to my best friend, in 2012 he went to be with Jesus.

I don't see how people can keep up with all of the memes and parties. Blogging was more 'homey' when I first started out. People were 'individuals' posting about their lives, their hobbies, favorite recipes and crafts, their gardens, their kids, their pets.

This post of yours makes one stop and think about true value and what's important. You have inspired and encouraged me with your words and photos. Thank you & God's continued blessings on you ~ FlowerLady

Snap said...

Wonderful post, Karen. I agree with Latane. I'm sure glad you are back!

Karen Harvey Cox said...

Definitely. It took me a while to understand how I had become swept up in the waves of influence in Blogland. Now you can write and create your own signature for all to enjoy.

Karen Harvey Cox said...

Thank you so much. I am so sorry for your loss. It seems the Lord is always redirecting our life. Truly a test of our faith. Knowing that we will reunite with our loved ones who have passed is such a gift. Karen

Peggy said...

I can certainly understand how you feel. I have been blogging since 2006 and right now I find it difficult to blog every day. I am living a more quiet life and don't always have anything to say. Coming up with something interesting sometimes takes effort. I have repeatedly photographed the same views so even I am tired of them. I think I will cut down to just a few days a week while my life is going on. I still love blogs and enjoy reading about others who have much more ambition than I do.

Karen Harvey Cox said...
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Karen Harvey Cox said...

Thank you. You have always inspired me with your lovely blog. Karen

Sarah said...

Karen, I'm glad you are back. I decided a long time ago that the reason I blog is for the enjoyment of sharing a creative spirit. I don't pressure myself to create a posts on specific schedules, but rather share when I have something that sparks a creative urge. I do try to post at least once a week, but if I don't get a post up, I don't fret over it. I'm not blogging to generate income, nor am I competing for readership, etc. For me, blogging is simply a creative outlet, and I always feel honored and appreciative of those who stop by to read and comment.

Teresa O said...

The journey through blogland seems to be one of twists & turns & learning. i started blogging in 2007 & my how my focus has changed as the scenery of life evolved. I've had stutters, stops, & starts again for various reasons. The one thing I refused to do was get caught up in blog parties, memes, & the expectations of my fellow bloggers. I put blogging on the back burner this year & have not posted since January. It's good to take breaks in life. We often return with a renewed sense of purpose, a new angle, & the well refilled. I'm about to launch a new home for blogging with a new focus. I'm excited about it, but trying to be realistic & not over do it.

I'm glad you're back, Karen, you inspire with your words & the lovely creations you share. Welcome back.

Vee said...

And here you are! You have so much to share, Karen. You have already taught me much and I look forward to learning more.

Elyse said...

hi my friend,

i'm so thankful that i ever started a blog in the first place but blogging has changed so much that even though i started mine in 2008, i don't feel like i'm a "blogger." it's not how i generate income, i am not lavished with all kinds of swag, but it's still my special online placeholder for things i want to document.

it's amazing all of the strong connections many of us made in those early "glory days" of blogging when social media wasn't so ... noisy.

thankful to have met you!


Kathleen Grace said...

This really resonates with me Karen! It is really easy to get caught up in the numbers, parties, visuals, and so many other aspects of blogging. I have struggled with some of these same issues. In the end, I decided I have to blog for me, no one else. It's one of the reasons I do not do posts for businesses or products. I'm glad you're back! I look forward to seeing the happy things you share :)

Anonymous said...

Oh don't I know about those blog parties and the Home Good trips with a post in mind. Thank God light always leads us back to the place we belong. Still party occasionally, for connecting with friends or to encourage a stranger. Still photograph the plate from the store, but it's bought for our home not for my blog. As long as I'm truly living those photographs, it is well with my soul vs posing.

These days the challenge for me is in other places. This is the question I ask myself often, or the alarm that goes off when I need to realign myself with my Father's purposes it edifying? ...does it lighten burdens or does it weigh down? ...does it inspire (me and others) to create and hope and look up or is it too much busyness and noise in my head? And I hear a little warning bell mostly when I linger too long in social networks, seldom in the land of blog.

For however long this season may last, Karen, I'm glad our paths crossed again.

Anonymous said...

That face. <3
Hope you don't mind I keep stopping by hoping you'll have a new gorgeous post. ;)
Love and blessings, friend.