Reinventing Oneself

There are lots of reasons we need to reinvent ourselves from time to time.

I have reinvented myself every time I have moved.  From Long Island to Manhattan, Princeton, New Jersey, Hong Kong Tai Tam, Hong Kong, Repulse Bay, Oakville, Ontario, Toronto. Ontario, Boston, Massachusetts, Winston Salem, NC and back to Boston, Massachusetts.

Suffice to say, I am tired.  But I love watching my girls experience the excitement of reinventing oneself.

During our drive from Massachusetts to North Carolina, we stopped in New Hope, Pennsylvania.  The drive was filled with lovely memories.  Ned and I got married in New Hope.  We spent many weekends in Peddler's Village in Lehaska, Pennsylvania.  Here we are in Peddler's Village.

So sweet.  I have a similar photo of my mom and Sarah in Peddler's Village when Sarah was the same age.  This was a favorite backdrop for me.

Each time that you experience a move, you discover a new backdrop.  Some of them fit and some do not.  Yet there is always a take away from the experience.  Discovering new places and things can be magical.

My daughter, Sarah, her husband Mike and Logan have moved to Cary, North Carolina.  I came along for the drive and to help out.  Ashley and the boys will be joining us shortly.

Cary's backdrop looks ideal for them.  A young, vibrant and family-oriented  city.  Oh, they look so happy in their new home.

Once upon a time, I followed my heart and moved to Princeton, New Jersey.  I didn't know anyone there, yet when I walked down the main street I felt like I had arrived home.  Shortly after I moved I met my next door neighbor, who became my husband.  Ned and I have moved many times together and with our daughters have reinvented ourselves over and over again.

When I have to return to Boston, I leave with the joy of knowing how happy they are.  I am so happy for them.  I remember that thrill of moving to a different State, and having new roads to explore.

Vee said...

Karen, you may have moved more than any other person I "know." This I know, you create home wherever you go. So you have switched places with your daughter? Why do I find myself wishing that you could land in the same place at the same time? Ha! Course this allows travel and that is good, too. You enjoy traveling. Wonderful graphics, fresh and unique!