Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beautiful Blogging & Pink Saturday

Cupid's Charm is celebrating being published in the new Artful Blogging magazine by hosting a Beautiful Blogging Party on Friday, May 1st. If you visit joy's blog you will find many beautiful blogs to visit. Thank you for hosting a lovely celebration of beautiful blogs, Joy.

Congratulations to all the blogging friends featured in this new issue, like the lovely Gabriela Delworth.


Porch Party 37I will be away for a long weekend to sip lemonade with a dear sweet friend. So I thought I would create a post for this party and use my most beautiful pink images to celebrate our Pink Saturday.

Porch Party 34

DSC02586The Beautiful Blogging party begins by Joy asking the question, why do we love to blog? I have used each letter in the word Blogging to choose one word that best describes for me why I love to blog.


eautiful. Blogging is a beautiful place to visit. The friends that I blog with are as beautiful as the beautiful blogs that they create.

Peony Delicate

oving. No where else in the world do you find a community of people who leave encouraging words on a daily basis for one another. People write from their heart, create from their heart and touch my heart. The loving nature that I find daily visiting blogs throughout the world seems to be pure oxygen.

Peony Detail

pportunity. An opportunity to join in the large community of writers, artists and artisans in swaps, and challenges. Opportunities to network in a fabulous world of talented people. Opportunities to learn about things that I have never experienced before, and have questions answered that I didn’t even know to ask.


orgeous. The photography and graphics on everyone’s blog are simply gorgeous. Gorgeous tours of people’s homes, gardens, and places that they love to visit.


enerous. Giving awards, sending little gifts, extending invitations, tagging you for a special occasion all spell Generous.


nspirational. Whether I am reading a tutorial, joining a zine, or finding a new recipe, inspiration is everywhere in Blogland and available anytime night or day. I am inspired daily to create something wonderful for my post, as the creative muse continues to dance.


. Reading so many blogs, it is so clear that blogging friends are always ready to help one another in times of need. With a nurturing spirit and a word of encouragement, everyone feels safe to ask when they are in need.


. There is a gathering of kindred spirits and a real sense of community amongst bloggers. Being an artist, a mother, and wife offers many gatherings in my day to day life, but the gathering I feel in Blogland is on a more personal level.

Peonies Galore

Peony heavenI chose a beautiful song to serenade this post. It's called Karen's Theme.


My creationOf course Pink Saturday hosted by Bev From How Sweet The Sound is my weekly reason I love to blog. Please visit Bev this Saturday and see all the beautiful blogs celebrating Bev's inspiration.

pink Saturday
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