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My creationI love to create, whether it is using my camera, drawing, painting, writing, designing graphic arts on the computer, or making a hand-made craft.

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My creationMy blog is intended to be a scrapbook of inspiration, designed to hold and share each creation. I love to add a bit of music to match each post.


DSC01083I believe that creativity is a gift from God. My goal is to share those inspirations with you.

I have been an artist as long as I can remember. My mother tells a story that when I was about nine months old she handed me a cardboard roll to hold, and I looked at it, as if I was thinking about what I could make with it. I am originally from Long Island.

I worked in Manhattan in the computer industry for many years. I lived in Manhattan for a while until moving to Princeton, New Jersey. There I met my husband, got married at Trinity Church in Princeton. I gave birth to my two daughters and was able to resume my love of art. One of the highlights of my artwork career was studying watercolor painting with the lovely Mary Green La Forge. I studied with Mary from 1983 until we moved to Hong Kong in 1992. Every time I pick up a brush, I remember painting in her gorgeous studio over looking her magnificent garden. As a Botany teacher, she taught us to understand each flower, as well as how to paint them.

In 1992, we moved to Hong Kong for my husband's work, and lived there for five years. While living in Hong Kong, I met amazing artists from all over the world and was part of an art group called Artists Abroad. I was part of the original founding members and I had my first formal art show with the group at the Hong Kong Visual Art Center, overlooking Hong Kong Park. I started hosting Designer Teas and inviting all my artisan friends to my home to sell their beautiful work. I took part in the amazing Christmas Fair at the Furama Hotel with my friends. Hong Kong vibrant and exciting continues to influence my artwork.

In 1998 we moved to Ontario, Canada, and lived in a lovely town called Oakville. Later we moved to Toronto to better enjoy the city. As a busy mother, artwork continued to link me with other artists and ground me. Combining my love of art and computer skills, I got very involved in working with prints, scanners and digital enhancement.

In 2002 we returned to the States and settled here in New England. Although my first love is watercolor painting, I studied oil painting with a well-known artist and explored the area for art connections. I began printing my oil paintings, using a professional giclee' printer. I opened up my first Etsy shop, called KarenHarveyCox Designs, and used my printing knowledge and love of painting to create a shop of art.

I started blogging in 2007, to connect with other artists. The Land of Blog is rich with kindred creative spirits and inspiration. Most recently I have begun designing fabric, and products with my artwork.

French Script on Etsy

Art has continued to be the common thread that connects me wherever I go.  My artwork has appeared in Somerset Studio's, Artful Blogging Magazine the Summer of 2010 issue.  My greatest joy lately comes from designing fabric.  Yet, with art the possibilities are endless.

Thank you for stopping by.

My creation
My artwork and photography appears on many web sites, blogs and other shops and places.  If you would like to use any of my work on your blog, web site or other avenues, contact me and I will send you the file.

Gabriela said...

Hello Karen,

You have such a lovely studio!

~ Gabriela ~

Dogwood said...

I absolutely love your blog. Yummy looking cupcakes and love the cupcake papers.

Love you studio!

You mentioned My Favorite Things as one of your favorite shops. It is also one of my most favorite shops. You must live in that area??!! I live in San Francisco and also have a home in Grass Valley!!!! What a small world.

Hope to hear back from you!

Have a sweet, lovely day.

CreativSpirit said...

Hi Karen,

I stopped by on the Magic Carpet Ride, just having a look around your lovely site, great getting to know you, your studio is beautiful. Cheers,

Robyne in Australia

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Your studio is so neat and pretty compared to mine! When i give workshops I always say that God enjoyed making the world and all in it so much, He wanted to give man the same pleasure! So He gifted us with creativity and imagination- isn't He soooo generous!

Carol at Serendipity said...


I am going to copy set sail for Serendipity to my blog! Your studio is wonderful and your art is exquisite.


Americana Lady said...

I love your pansy picture! Do you know if it is still available where you purchased it from? Joan

Americana Lady said...

Karen, I just went to your Etsy store and think I answered my own question about the pansy picture. Beautiful! Joan

Julia said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! Your lovely work speaks the truth that's in your heart - that creativity is a gift from God. Thank you for sharing that gift on the internet, that I might stumble out of my little world into your place filled with Light. :)

Joy said...

Beautiful, everything is beautiful. Interesting to learn about your life and interests.

Me and Bis said...

So glad I found your blog (through a mutual follower). I absoultely adore your studio. Your artwork is so beautiful, thank you for sharing. Such a fun and exciting life of travel and art you have had. Will definitely be back and visit you often!

Me and Bis said...

So glad to have found your blog. Your studio is beautiful and your artwork is absoultely wonderful. Thank you for sharing both. Such a funa and exciting life of travel and art. Will definitely be back often to visit you here.

Marilyn said...

Karen, I've enjoyed looking at your blog. Not only is the art work beautiful, but your blog is a feast in itself. I couldn't find a way to email you, so I"m hoping you will see this and respond. I'm curious if you are using a three column blog. Your pictures are huge. I'm unable to use the Xlarge for images. I would love to "pick your brain" on how you do certain things on the blog.
Anyway, thanks for all the beauty!

Marilyn said...

I forgot to leave my information - the URL is www.hrt2hrt4mike.blogspot.com and you can email me from there.

Marilyn said...

Karen, I found your side post on blogging, and it seems you are using Intuit. Perhaps I should check them out. I have the blog blues and don't quite know how to spruce up my blog. Thanks for the info.


Awesome work and effort. Keep it up!

The Vintage Hobby House said...

Beautiful,fabbytastic,gorgeous blog,I adore all your wonderful images,I too love old books and chandeliers,will be coming back again Karen.Bye for the now x Amanda X

Anonymous said...

I'd never leave your studio, especially with that gorgeous window in front of you.
Happy to meet you, Karen, even if it's in the Land of Blog for now. :)
Love and blessings,

Linda said...

Hello Karen. You are so creative and well traveled! I'm following your blog. Blessings.

Jenny said...

Hello, Karen, I'm new to your blog and just love all you do. Found you on Mosaic Monday. We are kindred spirits. I have an MFA in Painting and taught in the public schools until 2005 when I met my husband from Holland. He's an artist in hard stone, sculpture. I now want to go back and read all your posts. xo Jenny

Jenny said...

May I use your favorite scripture design on my blog? I love it, too. Jenny in The Netherlands and Texas.