Friday, June 25, 2010

Katey Alice finds a Mad Tea on a Pink Saturday

katey alice swirls &stars & Butterflies

nce upon a time Miss Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist invited all the people from The Land of Blog along to her enchanting Mad Tea party.

Katey Alice nineteen

You see there was a little girl named Katey Alice who believed in this magical story of a Mad Tea party.

Katey Alice eighteen

She had been told that there would be a great tea party of the very Mad kind and on a Pink Saturday.

Katey Alice eight

Bev, The Pink Queen from the Kingdom of Pink Saturdays called How Sweet the Sound had told Katey Alice the story of White Rabbit and had told her that if you believed, he would come to escort you to the party.

She had also told Katey Alice that there would be delicious cakes,

Katey Alice nine


Katey Alice twelve

teapots of every shape and size.

Katey Alice eleven

Katey Alice ten

Katey Alice seven

Sassafras tea and...

Katey Alice thirteen

raspberry cup cakes.

Katey Alice two

Gum drops and candy.

Katey Alice fourteen

Oh, and colorful sugar of course,

for her tea.

Katey Alice sixteen

Katey Alice had been told that the Mad Hatter would dance for her,

Katey Alice four

and even serenade her with music of the very mad kind.

katey alice sheet music

She had waited and waited Believing that White Rabbit would appear and take her to the party.

The Invitation

o, just like in Rabbit's story, she thought that she would go into the garden and look for White Rabbit,


she saw him at once.


"Well where have you beeeeeeen Rabbit"?

"I have been waiting here for you to take you to the Mad Tea of course!" "Yippee" squealed Katey Alice, and she spun around in sheer delight!

Katey Alice twenty

So Katey Alice followed Rabbit, and he showed her the way to a magical door.

Together they opened the door, but to her surprise there was a HUGE hole on the other side and they tumbled down.




he wish that Katey Alice had to finally meet the Mad Hatter and have her place

Katey Alice five

at a proper Mad Tea was about to come true because she believed.

katey alice swirls &stars & Butterflies

ow if you believe, click HERE, Miss Joyce will take you further to meet the Mad Hatter in The Adventures of Katey Alice and you will find your place at the table too.

for joyce five

Thank you Miss Vanessa, you have truly created a magical adventure for all The Land of Blog, and well you have truly inspired the little girl inside of me! Thank you Miss Bev for taking part in our story of Katey Aliice finds a Mad Tea on a Pink Saturday. Most of all thank you Miss Joyce for sharing your delightful grandchildren with me, we truly had a fabulous adventure of the mad kind!!!

Mad Tea Party 2010

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