Advent Calendar Gift Day 11

Welcome to the gift of an Advent Calendar.  I have always loved Advent calendars.  When I was little, I just couldn't wait to open each little door and find the surprise waiting there.

This Christmas I am turning my blog into an Advent calendar, so I can give you a Christmas surprise every day until Christmas.  Every day I will post downloadable artwork for you to use as my gift.

Today's gift is A Babushka Ornament for you to make. 
I have created a file, holding both the front and back of the ornament for you to create your own.  When you print this file on 8.5x11" it will look like this:

The name of the file is Advent Calendar Day 11 gift, Babushka ornament.  You can download the file here.    You can share the link with your friends.

After you print your 8.5" x 11" sheet, you can cut out the complete form and then use the strips provided to be your hanger, or you can use ribbon.

A trick I did for the hanger is:
once you have cut out the complete form, lay either the strips that I  have provided,
or a piece of ribbon folded to form a loop at the top
glue the ribbon in place on one side, leaving some exposed to use as the hanger
glue the front and back (wrong side) together, with your ribbon sandwiched in between.

During the Christmas season, I will be creating more gift tags, Christmas stationery, and all kinds of art for you to use.  You can give the art as gifts, decorate your home or use on your Christmas crafts and cards.  If you miss a day, just click on this page, and you can see all the posts and artwork at a glance.

You can also find all of the artwork on my Pinterest Board called An Advent Calendar of Downloadable Artwork.  If you click the artwork that you like, it will lead you back here with the link to the download.

Santa's little helper says hi...RJ Santa.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh my goodness.....the most adorable little Santa I have ever seen! LOOK AT HOW HE IS SMILING IN THE CAMERA!! tteeheee...he is just too precious! I substitute taught yesterday in a second grade class at my former French school. It just touched my heart when a little boy became very attached to me and held my hand like I was his girlfriend, all day long! teehee....these men....they start young to use their charms! :)

OH KAREN, I love these ornaments in PINK. Every day you have taken us through the excitement of celebration, and though I did not grow up with advent, now as an adult, it is thrilling to see the EVENT of His coming to beautifully honored, DAILY.

And your comments just touched my heart. To think that a young girl in Boston heard about how I tackled a beast of an instrument at a later age...thank you SO much for sharing my tenacity! AND I have thought many times about moving making. My friend Irina and I had started in the summer to put a video together, but things got so busy that she (the actually filmer) got busy and I myself, (the voice) got insanely occupied! But there is nothing more precious than to receive such validation about what we do as artists. MERCI MON AMIE!

Have a fabulous day! Anita

Vee said...

Omigosh! You saved the best for last. My has that child grown and changed so much. He's always been a very cute fellow and now he's even more adorable than ever. How can THAT be?!

And your artwork is delicious as always.☺

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Karen,

Ohhh, RJ is super, super cute!
What a happy face! Adorable.