Pink Saturday

ake up Samantha, it's that time of year...time to do some Spring cleaning!

Samantha will help me clean

enchanted Spring cleaning Here come our friends the little bluebirds to help us.

enchanted Spring cleaning

enchanted Spring cleaning And Cocoa just loves to help us clean.

My creation

enchanted Spring cleaning Perhaps some fresh flowers will get us in the mood.

May Flowers

My creation

enchanted Spring cleaning Oh, well, I can dream can't I. When I took out the cleaning things and moved the furniture, everyone suddenly had somewhere else to go.

enchanted Spring cleaning So here I am ready to begin. At least the music is inspiring. Now where did I put my tierra?

My creationAnd it is always so reassuring to know that I am not alone...
House Cleaning Blues
by Ellen Bailey

I have the house cleaning blues
I look around and see so much to do
I look at the walls, the windows, and the floors
I see heaps of dust layered like boards

What I need is a good house cleaning crew
But where to get one, I haven't a clue
I asked for volunteers, but none would relent
Their community spirit, it seems, had been spent

I could wish for an occasional hurricane
For me, that may not be such a bad thing
I could raise the windows and open the doors
And be done with these house cleaning chores

But hurricanes don't occur where I live
So its left up to me to clean this crib
I have devised a plan to get the job done
Since I can no longer depend on anyone

My plan is as simple as it can be
One that is not very taxing on me
My walking shoes I will lace up tight
And from this nightmare I will take flight
enchanted Spring cleaning Today is Pink Saturday and our hostess Bev from How Sweet  The Sound has lots of pink eye candy for today.
May Flower Basekt

enchanted Spring cleaning The song for this post is called The Happy Little Working Song from on of my favorite movies Enchanted.
Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Karen,

OMG!!! I have laughed so hard with your puppies faces...Especially Cocoa, what a character...Mmmm...I am wondering if she is going to help you with the Spring cleaning or not...I doubt it...

~ Gabriela ~

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, how delightful, Karen! LOL!

I laughed and laughed at your "helpers" comments. So cute, and those flowers are gorgeous.

I need to do this very thing.


Sheila :-)

Denise said...

Fun and sweet post!Just what I like.

Carol at Serendipity said...


Cute post. Love the dogs and the bluebirds. Happy Pink Saturday!


Vee said...

I need to turn up the volume and get cracking myself. My two little helpers...yours are so cute...are fast asleep on the floor. Now why is it that I can't bear to run the vacuum when they're sleeping so sweetly? That's my excuse...

Beautiful photos of your bouquet. I hope that you have a nice, warm, sunny weekend. I sat on my deck steps yesterday afternoon for the first time since last September. It was lovely!

Mary Lou said...

Erma Bombeck used to say put the vacuum by the front door, get in bed with a good book, then jif somebody comes, say " excuse this messy house, I was just cleaning!". Sad thing is, the dust waits for you!
Funny, great post.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

This is just great...I am smiling and giggling...what a cheerful post. Now I will be humming while I venture into my son's room. The dog is great creative

Dolores said...

I love the look on the dog's face, a bit cute.

The flowers are gorgeous.... and your drawings are so cute.

Good luck on your spring cleaning!
Happy weekend!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Oh my what a darling spring cleaning song and post!

You had me singing along.

Hope you are enjoying the spring. I am still waiting...but I know it will get here soon enough.

Hugs darlin!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh are those your housekeeping crew members dearest? They are the cutest I have ever seen!!!! TEEEEEHEEEEEE...this is soooo sweet! ENOY EVERY MOMENT OF housekeeping my dear! I am cleaning my garden out because it is full of sawdust due to the construction, but ALL THE SNOW IS FINALLY GONE!!!!


pinkkandy said...

All my pink loving friends....pray today brings you peace and joy...and that you will know God is....

being more than is sufficient or required; excessive.
God Bless You Kandy

♥ Miss Tea said...

awwww adorable funny puppies faces and words hahahaha, beautiful flowers and drawings, Happy Pink Saturday!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Your furbabies are adorable. Cleaning -- It is a vicious cycle. Sadly, we only get dust storms around here so opening the windows would create more dust. It makes its way in no matter what I do. I'm gonna put hankerchiefs on my boys and tell them to get to work. HA! Best wishes, Tammy

Elyse said...


happy pink saturday, karen!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I love your little puppies so very sweet. The flowers are very beautiful, bluebirds and happy music great post...hugs...m...

Gale Wall said...

They do not look amused! Cute little maids though.

Beverly said...

Karen, your pups gave me a big smile. This is a wonderful post. Only you could make housework pretty.

Happy Pink Saturday, dear friend.