Advent Calendar Day 22 Gift

Welcome to the gift of an Advent Calendar.  I have always loved Advent calendars.  When I was little, I just couldn't wait to open each little door and find the surprise waiting there.

This Christmas I am turning my blog into an Advent calendar, so I can give you a Christmas surprise every day until Christmas.  Every day I will post downloadable artwork for you to use as my gift.

Today's gift is about the special gift of giving.  My gift for you is a story, a beautiful song, and a print.

Many years ago when my mother lived out in the Hampton's one Christmas, she was collecting money for a poor family there.  When all of us arrived at the house to celebrate Christmas, we drove to deliver the packages that my mother had for the family.  What happened was a Christmas miracle.  If you would like to read the story, you can find it on my Christmas Blog.  It is a story about The Special Gift of Christmas.

This  is a painting I did of the house where my mother lived during that special Christmas.  I called the painting, My Dear Little House.  I thought you might enjoy it.

Your print will look like this when you download it.
I created a print for you to put on an easel.  The print measures 8" x 8" and is printed on an 8.5 x 11" sheet.  You can download your gift here.  The name of the file is Advent Calendar Gift 22, My Dear Little House.

My Mom, Doris was featured in the South Burlington Free Press newspaper yesterday.  She is 86 years old but still giving.  She collected over 700 pounds of food for the food shelf from the place where she lives.  This article was published in the local newspaper's Facebook page.

Last year she was interviewed by the television station and here is her interview.

My Mother has been collecting food for the food shelf for fifteen years.  She does this all by herself each year, and this year the ladies across the way got together and knitted hats and scarves for the children.  After they picked up the food, she took a taxi and brought the knitted treasures to the food shelf.

My mother has been so instrumental in teaching me about the gift of giving all throughout my life.  I created the print from a painting I did years ago of My Dear Little House.  I hope that the image fills your heart with joy.

Jackie Evancho sings about God's grace surrounding us, and the pledge to do the very best we can to heal the broken hearted, feed the hungry and help the less fortunate in honor of Him.

"Help us do Your will Oh Father,
In the name of all that's true,
And we'll see in one another
The loving image of You."

During the Christmas season, I have created gift tags, Christmas stationery, and all kinds of art for you to use.  It is just three days  until Christmas, and I still have a few more gifts for you.  You can give the art as gifts, decorate your home or use on your Christmas crafts and cards.  If you miss a day, just click on this page, and you can see all the posts and artwork at a glance.

You can also find all of the artwork on my Pinterest Board called An Advent Calendar of Downloadable Artwork.  If you click the artwork that you like, it will lead you back here with the link to the download.

Snap said...

Thank you for sharing your Mother and your beautiful art with us. Merry Christmas! oxox

Pondside said...

Thank you for this lovely print, Karen. If it is inspired by your Dear Little House, it must indeed be a Dear, Sweet place!
Inspiration - you mother is probably an inspiration to more than just her family. She shows that the human spirit can keep growing and that we can, as we are meant to do, become more like our Saviour. Your mum is inspiring!

Vee said...

It's a beautiful print, Karen. Your mother must have enjoyed living there. I am going to go read the story. I've been listening to the music play out as I read other blogs. I see the wonderful photos of your grandbaby's day with Santa. So adorable. His mama is so rightfully proud of him. Off to follow your link...

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOW KAREN....that image of the house...that holds many fond memories for me as I just remember many of the homes in New England like this. And your precious mum....have a wonderful party and new year my friend. I am looking forward to it all with you! Anita