Friday, April 23, 2010

Pink Saturday


DSC03396Early Friday morning I called Ink About It and asked if they had gotten the latest Artful Blogging magazine yet. Linda said no, but that they had been billed already, and the UPS man was due to arrive around 11 AM. She said that she would call me if it arrived and put one aside for me.

artful bloggin pink saturday two

DSC03396A little after 11 AM she called and said she was putting my copy aside. I drove there wondering if my little watercolor had made it into the article about Bev and her amazing Pink Saturday. Bev had been interviewed by Jennifer Jackson for an article in the Summer 2010 issue.


DSC03396Bev submitted lots of Pink Saturday submissions, but knew that it was up to the magazine to choose which ones would make the issue. This is my 98th Pink Saturday post and well, I just love Pink Saturday and Miss Bev.

Artful Blogging Magazine

DSC03396She will be posting about it today, so make sure that you stop by How Sweet The Sound and read all about it.


DSC03396When I got to Ink About it, there were many people taking a class and my copy was behind the counter. I carefully leafed through the magazine.

Artful blogging summer

DSC03396There it little Secret Garden watercolor. I squealed and let out a "yay." Completely forgetting about the class going on, and then Karen walked into the shop and said "Are you in there?" I squealed "Yes", and then she squealed too.

artful blogging magazine pink saturday

My creation

DSC03396The first person I called of course was my mom. I got her a copy, and it’s on the way.


DSC03396Better than refrigerator art.


DSC03396Well, I am thrilled. Artful Blogging magazine has been my favorite magazine since the first issue. I remember squealing while standing at the mailbox the day my first copy had arrived. I own every issue, and this one is Over The Rainbow!

My creation

DSC03396The song for this post is Over The Rainbow.

Dear Bev

DSC03396In keeping with the Pink Saturday tradition, I have never met Glennis Waterman from Doves2Day before. I see in the article that her photograph was chosen for the article too. What's that Glennis, did you squeal too? The article is wonderful and the interview is perfect. There are lots of Pink Saturday photographs and artwork to enjoy. Wishing you a very Happy Pink Saturday and Rainbow Wishes.

Pink Saturday
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